Democracy in Action

In one of my last JournalSpace entries I riffed on the Iraqi Shoe Thrower, and concluded that throwing stuff at elected officials is a sign of democracy in action.

Democracy around the world is far more vibrant than it is in the countries following the Anglo/American model.  For example, the Taiwanese Parliament often shows that democracy is, at its best, a contact sport:



Think that’s something?  Well, it pales in comparison with the enthusiasm shown in the oldest Asian democracy, India.

Just take a look what happens when creativity clashes with democracy – and melds:



Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?  So, don’t just sit there. Go out there and throw a punch for democracy!


5 Responses to “Democracy in Action”

  1. PB, good to see ya is still alive and well.

    Now you know why they play cricket the way they do…F**KED UP …BIG TIME….lol

    Have a happy Christmas too


  2. Havock! Dude! Good to see you. But you missed my point: I LOVE the way they exercise democracy in other countries, and I LOVE the way they play cricket.

    Merry Christmas Down Under, buddy.


  3. Hey, if there’s supposed to be FREEDOM, then you gotta expect some chaos sometimes! Saying you want democracy but you also want to control everybody and make them act peaceful is like saying you want to have five children but you also want a quiet, tidy home.

    Dumb, that’s what it is. I like a little shoe-throwing now and then. And actually, from the look on President Bush’s face in the videos I saw, HE thought it was cool, too.


  4. I have a new ambition to start a small discount shoe kiosk right outside the White House gates where people can buy cheap shoes and throw them over the fence – and then run. I am envisioning a huge pile of shoes that have to be cleaned up every day, only to get bigger and bigger each day.

    Until the day the Bastard is out.

    Shoes thrown as an expression of political discontent. Can’t get more First Amendment than that.


  5. sign me up.


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