Okay, so my 17 year old son gives me this big comic book called The Watchmen. He called it a “graphic novel” but it was nothing more than a really long comic book.

So I read  it and was not impressed.  The story started strong but couldn’t follow through in the end.  It reminded me of the Matrix movies. The first one was great, but what made it great got lost in the sequels  along the way until, but the time the series ended, it deserved to die.

So I read The Watchmen and I put it down.



Then I found this on Youtube:




And this:




I am excited.  It looks just like the comic book – excuse me, “graphic novel” – with just enough differences of the right kind to give me hope that the director (the same guy who directed 300) can pull it off.



I cannot wait.


4 Responses to “THE NEXT BIG THING”

  1. Out of touch with that one but the trailers look awesome!


  2. I agree.


  3. Looks like fun.

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Boylan.


  4. And a Merry Christmas to you, too, felllow JS diasporite.


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