This is another gem I found wandering around the never-ending world of Youtube.  It is an example of “Soundies” which are the late 30’s and 40’s version of music videos.  These would be played in movie theatres between double feature movies.

All I can say is “wow.”  I could write a book about the world this thing came from.  Please enjoy.



  1. that was soooo cool! I think it’s great that those old films are still available. Speak of “exploiting” women, lol. And no “mail order” males… humpf. The song “Playmate” I’d forgottena all about but remember singing it as kid… but of course a “normal” playmate was meant, ahem.

    My dad just sent me this link this morning about old westerns. It’s quite interesting: http://www.oldfortyfives.com/thoseoldwesterns.htm I also posted it in my forum. It sure makes me feel old…. *sigh*


  2. The Playmates film has a lot of gratuitous panty shots, eh? I haven’t heard that since I was a boy. My mom used to sing that song, and she would have been tickled to know it is available on the web.


  3. The whole thing was sort of creepy.


  4. I can only imagine how scandalous those panty shots were back then! But I think mail order brides are alive and well in Alberta. Seems the oilfield guys are too busy to date Albertan women so they get one from Peru, or the Phillipines. I’ve also heard Russia, but there were some bad stories associated with those.


  5. I find the entire vid fascinating from beginning to end – and not in the themes that infuse it. As Kate points out, nothing is new. But the brazen way those films depict such sexist themes simply amazes me.

    And don’t even get me started about the weird fetish aspects expressed. This stuff is like Z grade porn – suitable for the whole family.


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