Two vids for your viewing pleasure showing the two primary reasons I love cats.  In this first one, watch her tail.

The second reason I love cats is because of their emotional honesty. Dogs – well, dogs are liars.  They lie all of the time.  They pretend to like you when, in reality, they are constantly plotting our demise.  If not for their short attention span and the ease with which dogs are distracted by things like squirels, dogs would have killed all of us in our sleep by now.

But cats are different. First, they lack the intellectual capacity to plan anything.  Second, they always let you know exactly how they feel without any pretense whatsoever.  When the like you, you know it.  And when they are unhappy, you know it, too.  By way of illustration:



Isn’t that adorable?

God, I love cats.


12 Responses to “WHY I LOVE CATS”

  1. I’m a cat fan, too. I don’t care much for dogs at all. I loved that first vlog. My Shila never meow’s.


  2. hmm I always thought the exact opposite. I had a great cat once – but I was sure he was always secretly plotting my death. I know for sure he was secretly plotting my nephew’s death. He would sit at the top of the stairs and survey his dominion….


  3. I much preferred the second video. I have run across cats almost as nasty as that 🙂
    Don’t even try to pet them…


  4. Cats….humm. I have two. One that you would love. The other is a psycho cat. She does have a psychological disorder and has been on medication in the past. She’s a freak and cannot be trusted. They really are not much different than dogs. We are their servants.


  5. Paul, nah, Dogs are too doppy to rule the roust, they just want to be loved.

    Cats now they are our lords and masters. They still remember that we used to worship them as gods. but yes they always are willing to let us know we survive on sufference …and a bit of catnip.


  6. BTW if cats ever develop an opposible thumb we are history…..


  7. Happy new year paul.
    cats are evil
    At least if dogs take over the world they would keep us around in a “dogs best friend” capacity. If cats dominate we are screwed, they would work us to death.
    i truly believe this
    cats are evil

    uamada (JS refugee)


  8. Cats are truly evil, the will eat you first in dire circumstances your dog will wait a day or so…

    your lucky my dog is not allowed on my lap top 😉 Oh yes I am typing this from my living room in Hershey PA

    Happy New Year Paul


  9. paulboylan Says:

    Liar! I am tired of your lies, karada. All you know is lies – secrets and lies!

    (Happy New Year to you, too, dear one. So good to read your thoughts again.)


  10. Oh dear a gal has to have secrets I hesitate to say lies because you know I usually am mean and hard core up front which shamelessly turns people on…or so they tell me 😉 I sure hope Mannesah finds us all (I just know I spelled that incorrect and there will be probably a flogging forth coming if he dare find out—oh Yummy!)


  11. paulboylan Says:

    If they tell you that, they are probably lying to you – which is what turns them on (not the other way around, as you suspect).

    I do hope Patrick finds his way here or to wherever else we of the JS diaspora find ourselves.


  12. yeah someone has to keep me in bdsm line so Patrick is going to have to put out his Dom feelers and find us LOL!


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