There used to be a kind of cinema called “classic horror.”  This school of cinema emphasized psychological scares as opposed to direct threats like someone coming at you with a knife.  Those who mad these movies believed that the scarriest things were those things you could not see and could only imagine.

The last of the classic horror movies came out in 1957 and was called Night of the Demon (renamed Curse of the Demon for the U.S. Release).  Here is a small clip to give you a bit of the flavour of what classic horror was all about.





4 Responses to “SOMETHING SPOOKY”

  1. Happy New Year, dearest!


  2. Linda, we have to stop meeting like this.

    Happy New Year to you, too, my darling.


  3. Yes! I was trying to work out why I remembered the character in the frame that was displayed before I played it. Excellent film of an excellent MR James short story (Casting the Runes).


  4. Simon – good to see you!

    The movie is flawed only by the addition of the monster. One of my goals is to re-edit it so that the monster is cut out so it is slightly uncertain whether what happened was real or imaginary.

    We all seek perfection in our own way.


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