MUST SEE: an early experiment in sound recording (Circa 1865)


One of the most pressing ironies of this new electronic age is what is being lost as so much is being gained.  Through the Internet we are gaining a somewhat permanent historical record of events.  Future generations will look back and mark history, not by the birth of Christ (BC/AD) but BI and AI (Before the Internet and After the Internet).  If your great-great grandchildren want to know what happened today, they will access the true historical record as preserved online.

But, as rich as the historical record has become due to Google, Youtube and Ebay and the mega-terabyte archives being constructed to hold it all, our connection with the past that existed prior to the Internet is rapidly disappearing.  We are forgetting what life was like before the Information Age.  And when that happens, we will be the lesser, and will be prone to making mistakes becasue the lessons of the past will have vanished.

So, in this context, please view the vid I feature below.  I found it on Youtube, and it memorializes one of the earliest experiments attempting to synchronize film with sound – which eventually revolutionized cinema and lead directly to the computer you are using to view this little piece of history.

I give you the Fathers of the Internet in all their glory.




2 Responses to “MUST SEE: an early experiment in sound recording (Circa 1865)”

  1. Little did they know that 120 years – or whatever – down the track they’ll be called poofs. lol


  2. paulboylan Says:

    I have always suspected they didn’t realize they were being “filmed” because they didn’t know what that was and, because it was so new, could not even conceptualize it being possible. So why not display homosexual love in public? Who is going to remember?


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