My good friend, Christine, took issue with HOTTER THAN YOU 1.0, posted previously.  She opined, quite correctly, that she is hotter than the woman depicted in HOTTER THAN YOU 1.0.

The point of this series of photos is to show hot COUPLES, not two hot people together.

For example, the two people in the following photo are, frankly, not all that hot. But put them together, and you magically get a hot couple that is probably hotter than you and your significant other.



Christine, I am not in any way saying that you are not hotter than Victoria Beckham. But I am saying that David and Victoria together are hotter that you and – well, take your pick.

If I am wrong,  any of you are welcomed to send a photo proving it and I will gladly post it within this series.




7 Responses to “HOTTER THAN YOU 1.1”

  1. At the end of the video in this post of mine is my missus. She is WAY hotter than VB. VB is a skinny little mole with the attitude and head function of goldfish.

    Evidence 1:


  2. paulboylan Says:

    I am delighted to agree that your wife is WAY hotter than Victoria Beckham. She is clearly too good for you and it is only the blind, dumb luck of all men everywhere that women, for the most part, are blinded so easily by love.

    But I digress. My point is not that your wife is not hotter than Victoria Beckham – which, as I already mentioned, she is. Way hotter. I mean, are you nuts to let your missus out of the house? Come on man, count your lucky stars and treat her like the treasure she is, okay??

    But I digress again. My point is that, no matter how hot your wife is (and she is smoking hot) you and her together are not as hot as David Beckham are.

    Again, I invite you to prove me wrong. Post or send me a pic of you and your smoking hot wife, and I will decide if you two are hotter than Beck and Posh.

    If you decide not to send me the requested photo, please consider sending me anything else you have depicting your wife. Just a suggestion.

    Gotta run. My smoking hot wife is calling me, and if she sees that I am trying to scam some pics of your smoking hot wife, I will wake up with a crowd around me, if I am luck enough to wake up at all…


  3. so it’s really the joint hotness of the couple rather than individual hotness … I see.


  4. paulboylan Says:

    Yes. Absolutely correct. For example (and I intend on posting a pic to prove it when the time is right to do so) Seal and Heidi Klum are a way hot couple, probably hotter than you standing with your significant other, Moko standing beside his smoking hot wife, or me with my likewise smoking hot wife. But by themselves, Heidi and Seal – well, do I really have to continue with the thought?


  5. Paul, I have to disagree about the beckhams for the simple reason that they are pure product (as a couple). David is on the whole an average soccer player (but one of the best, if not the best penalty kickers in his generation). So they, D and V are not actually hot it’s only the media telling us they are hot and some of us (dissapointingly many millions) believing that this is true.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    l love how all the gays you LIKE are the not-so-attractive ones lol this really just means your rather bitter at the way you look yourself, and wont accept anyone who makes YOU look bad.


  7. paulboylan Says:

    Wait a minute. I think Ellen is attractive. Rove, well, no. But Ellen is very cute. And even Rove is better looking than me. Wouldn’t your theory also mean that the homosexuals I DISLIKE would be more attractive than me? Even I look better than Rosie.

    So I guess your theory is full of holes, isn’t it?


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