What a GREAT day! Palin is BACK – and she is just as stupid and incompetently evil as ever!

And I was on the verge of forgetting all of this:

Well guess what?  Sarah didn’t slink away into the shadows as any truly smart person in her position would have.  She isn’t trying to put distance between her and her idiotic performance as a (try not to laugh) candidate for the vice presidency.  She decided to set the record straight!

she has big balls.

That's right: she has big balls.

She has been interviewed by a conservative pundit, and in the interview she is so wonderful, reminding us what a huge ignorant, hypocritical fascist she is!

See for yourself!  Watch this incredibly entertaining vid and count how many times she blames the media for unfairly telling people the truth about her. Note how many times she hints that she is in favor of censorship of things she doesn’t agree with.  Witness the weirdness of her actually trying to say that criticism of her is somehow “sexist.”

Marvel at the way she excuses her inability to name anything she has read recently by deciding Katie Couric asked her a completely different question that Couric didn’t even get close to asking.  You just have to love someone who lies so brazenly and actually expects her audience to be stupid enough not to notice.  Oh! And PLEASE pay close attention to how she glosses over her white trash roots, including but not limited to her unwed teenage daughter.

Not trying as hard. Well, to be honest, the addition of the unwed teenage pregnant daughter sort of puts a different spin on things.

Not trying as hard.

Yes, once again, she demonstrates that she embodies everything wrong with America as she tries to appeal to the idiot vote.     Oh, there is so much to hate about her t hat you just have to love her!

21 Responses to “SARAH PALIN IS BACK!!!”

  1. You should research a very interesting Australian politician called Pauline Hanson.
    She owned a fish and chip shop, was de registered by the Liberal party (conservatives) for her right wing views, ran as an independent, won a seat, started her own party, disowned her own party, ran and lost, was arrested and served time for some voter thing that seemed a bit of a frame up, released a video saying “if you are seeing this i have been murdered” ( she wasn’t) , ran and lost, was on “dancing with the stars” and lost, ran and lost.
    She is still a hero to every dentally challenged, intellectually malformed, inbred, racist, troglodyte we have the misfortune of sharing this part of the planet with.
    She is Palin with an Aussie drawl.


  2. Sorry, I tried, I tried…God knows, I TRIED to watch this video. I could only make it to 1:35. The voice…the voice…the VOICE, grabbed me by the crotch, and slung me, clinging to my laptop, to the floor. This is a cruel and evil thing you’ve done here…just when my shrink and I thought I was over it.


  3. paulboylan Says:

    uamada – I will look into it. I swear, I can’t wait.

    Jadedj – Hey, you tried. That’s what counts. I’m sorry you think I am cruel, but consider this a form of “tough love.”


  4. abefrellman Says:

    I like her boots.


  5. maggsworld Says:

    Please please PLEASE cease all mention of “The Mother of All Australians ” aka Pauline Hansen. And yes Sarah Palin does remind me of that embarrassment. I was considering migrating elsewhere is she was supposed to be my role model *shudder*****


  6. Pauline Hansons ‘Fish and Chip’ isn’t far from where I frequent. Ironically with all her anti-immigrant – which I’m one – spruiking, she sold her shop to Asians.


  7. paulboylan Says:

    Abe -What boots? If there were boots I would have noticed.

    Maggs – It is too late for that. Pauline Hansen is, by virtue of this blog, even more famous than she was. I love her. She is my kind of kook.

    Moko – I love the irony. She hates them but she loves their dirty, immigrant money. And I bet the fish and chips is as good if not better under new ownership.

    I am surprised there is so much anti-immigrant fervor in Australia. Your culture is as strong, if not stronger than that in the US. Everyone who comes here ends up American with their kids listing to rap, playing basket ball and eating at McDonalds. It is actually sort of beautiful. Watch either Harold and Kumar film and see what I mean. Their parents may have been “damned foreigners” but they are Americans through and through.


  8. Thanks Paul, I needed that.


  9. You sure did.


  10. abefrellman Says:

    In the vid, she’s wearing boots.


  11. Damn. You’re right, Abe. I was so busy laughing and calling people over to watch I didn’t notice. I feel somewhat ashamed.


  12. Well, I’m not ready to call Governor Palin the embodiment of evil just yet. The first time or two, I actually enjoyed seeing her. Unfortunately, she DID have to have a thought somewhere along the way to the election.

    Thanks for playing, Sarah. Now kindly go away.

    But like a bad penny, she keeps turning up, sounding more and more like a less-bright version of Frances McDormand’s character in ‘Fargo’ (Yah, you betcha).

    Not a good choice for VP.


  13. TheWomanYouScorned Says:

    Hi, Paul. You’ve done it again. I just want you to know that the eel is in the pillowcase when the full moon casts shadows on the ’68 Thunderbird.


  14. jadedj stole my comment.

    I can’t even imagine having to listen to that for 4 years, let alone 4 minutes.


  15. Oh sure, intell…it’s always someone else’s fault!


  16. Most Australian kids are being brought up these days mired in American culture.
    Our music shows are virtually dominated by rap music, our tv channels feature mostly american shows and McDonalds is 2nd home to entire communities.


  17. I don’t think Pauline Hansen would have looked that good in ‘that’ leather skirt ‘you betcha!’


  18. Anybody want to bet that Sarah Palin turns up on a Super Bowl commercial for Nationwide Insurance, similar to the one that featured the former Mr. Britney Spears last year?


  19. Yankee – Palin embodies proud ignorance, blind ideology, corrupt government, lack of veracity and form over substance. She embodies the policy of political fraud. I call that evil and I will do everything to support her a the leader of the New Republican Party that will split off from the GOP for the next election. Those like her – and those capable of being fooled by her – will then be neutralized as a national political force.

    Woman I scorned – 57 Thunderbird. How quickly you forget.

    Intelliwench – JadedJ always gets there first.

    Jaded – Why is that? Why do you always seem to get there first?

    Drej – Okay, so our plan to take over the world through base commercial culture has worked in Australia. What does that matter when we lose our military might and fake moral standing, huh? Who cares how many Australian youth we’ve corrupted? We won the battle for the souls of your children (which McDonalds now owns) but we lost the war for world domination.

    chaz – She wouldn’t look as good, but she would look better. And that’s the point.

    Steve – I have it on good authority that you are correct.


  20. looks like she’ll be in a super bowl ad after all…..


  21. GO SARAH


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