Back in the 1960’s the Union Carbide Corporation – a huge multi-national chemical company – put out a series of commercials designed to improve the image of Union Carbide.  The most prevalent theme in these commercials was some kind of wonder substance Union Carbide developed that could be used to make the world a better place.



The following is parody of those commercials that was part of the movie The Groove Tube – which inspired a whole new kind of comedy.  Union Carbide becomes Uranus Corporation, and the new miracle product…. well, see for yourself.




7 Responses to “FUNNY STUFF 1.0”

  1. Hmm ‘union carbide’ and ‘making the world a better place’. not two items i would believe could be easily juxtaposed


  2. What bull. This is nothing new. Chimpanzees at the San Diego Zoo discovered this substance years ago…and make good use of it. Uranus my ass!


  3. That music was so creepy. I must have watched some of those commercials when I was four or five.


  4. Interesting when you put it in the context of Bohpal or am I the only one old enough to remember that one?


  5. I watched that movie. It was very strange. I’d like to watch it again…


  6. Chaz – That, of course, was the point: how do you humanize Union Carbide? The effort was laughable.

    Captain – Ewww is right.

    Anonymous – In other parodies, the slogan was “Good Things Come From Uranus.”

    Kate – I didn’t notice the music. I have to listen again.

    Robin – I remember Bohpal, and so does the three-legged Indian man I met the other day.

    Doug – Groove Tube is an unsung masterpiece, a sea change in the satire/parody universe inspiring sketch comedy shows like the Great American Dream Machine, Saturday Night Live and infusing them with the modern hatred for media that differentied them from shows like Laugh-In that seemed idiotic and unsubstantial in comparison.


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