My increasingly relentless exploration of YouTube constantly surprises me.  An astonishing amount of that which is posted is pure and utter junk in every possible way something can be junk.

And that includes music vids.  I’ve learned that most music vids are a mistake.  They do nothing to express or add to the original song. Often the vid is so bad that it takes what is a good song in the mind of the listener and renders it forever tainted by providing a poor choice of images to accompany the music.

But sometimes, the vids don’t supplant the music and don’t ruin it.  Sometimes the artists get it right.  More often it is about mood and spirit more than illustration, which is utterly destroyed by lack of creative vision.

Worse yet, so many vids show an abysmal waste of money.  The best spend the least and get more.

I will forever be grateful to my good friend Paul Zimmelman for introducing me to They Might Be Giants – a teeny, tiny band composed of what looks like two incredibly tallented nerds who have lots and lots of nerd friends that they party with and, at the same time, make art.

I love this next song.  It is strangely sweet.  And the vid provides fun energy.  I would love to have been there when it was being filmed just to say I was part of it.

If at all possible, we should all be so lucky as to have a little bird house in our souls.


4 Responses to “MY FAVORITE MUSIC VIDS 1.0”

  1. My soul is a would be a carcenogenic place – I’d be surprised if the birds came.
    And I couldn’t agree more with you about how the Music Vids add nothing in most cases (except soft porn). One that straddled that divide with dexterity was Robert Palmer’s ‘Simply Irrisitible’


  2. We are closer in spirit than you possibly realize.


  3. The entire Malcolm in the Middle series was sort of a TMBG video, for which they wrote the theme, of course. They are a fun band, vids or not.


  4. Fan since Anna Eng. TMBG rock hard. Try Oingo Boingo or Pop Will eat itself for bands that have gon beyond, but are awesome in the same vein.


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