When I was growing up in Chicago my family had one black and white television that received three stations.  One of them was WGN. I remember watching reruns of Commando Cody – who was sort of a future version of the Lone Ranger.  He wore a leather coat, a rocket pack, a cool helmet and he flew around fighting aliens.  If you are a comic book geek, you will know that Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer was inspired by Commando Cody.  If you aren’t a comic book geek, you will have no idea what I just said.


To a little kid the idea of having a rocket pack was the coolest of the cool.  But the show was really, really low budget and cheesy.


I just found the following vid that takes a Commando Cody episode and gives it a new soundtrack. It is a little long, but worth watching.




4 Responses to “FUNNY STUFF 1.1”

  1. And they say there’s too much violence on modern television.


  2. We should slap anyone who says that and then post a vid of it on YouTube.


  3. With or without the new soundtrack, that is better than anything I’ve seen on TV lately.

    More believeable, too.


  4. I thought I was going to be shown the animated ‘Ironman’ fillum. I was mistaken. I attribute this mistake on me not reading the introduction properly while listening to a Gen Y’er talk about the beach. Good day.


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