It has been more than 8 long days since “the Big O” was sworn in as the United States’ 44th President.










Why hasn’t the Big O fixed everything yet?  The economy is still in a tail spin.  America’s standing in the world hasn’t improved – well, not much.  It seems like nothing has changed.





When I voted for Obama, I did it because I was impressed with his traditional conservative values.  I voted for him because he promised to lower taxes and cut spending on social services.  I voted for him because he promised to be a tough Commander in Chief who would never, ever, ever leave Iraq to the heathen without first establishing Iraq as a Christian nation.



Hold on a second….





I was just informed that Obama didn’t promise to lower taxes and cut spending on social services and campaigned on a promise of withdrawing troops from Iraq.





Never mind.



  1. I have seen Obama being referred to on a less politically correct website as ‘The Magic Negro’ (TMN for short). Seems he is still yet to weave his special brand of magic.

    Sure you couldn’t have worked Lesbians, horses and/or Sarah Palin in there somewhere? You know, just to boost the stats.


  2. I could have. But I still have my dignity.


  3. Ooops!! nothing like a bit of voter ignorance is there? :))

    ‘But I still have my dignity’ since when?

    As for the lovely SP, I saw in the press thats she’s going great guns in pushing for the GOP’s nomination next time around..you betcha!

    And that my friends is why I chose to live in the Lucky country


  4. The reason the Big O hasn’t fixed everything is because he’s too busy grabbing pics from your blogs and doing a collage of SP as lesbian pantomime horse. This I believe.


  5. I think he’s just lazy


  6. Chaz – Okay, so I lied. I needed the spell check function to even spell “dignified.”

    Therbs – Are you implying a prurient interest as a motive behind my obsession with Sarah??

    Uamada – Damn it, that should have been the theme of the post. I rose to your challenge, but only half of the way.


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