Havock, my Aussie friend, if you were frightened by my ability to find the theme song to UFO on YouTube, then this clip of a Japanese game show will positively terrify you.

This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen – and I’ve spent my life seeking out strange things.

Let me know what you think.


8 Responses to “BIG IN JAPAN”

  1. That’s way cool, not the strangest thing ever and stuff. Totally! Creative! The Japanese have come up with way more irreverent spectacles than that – think about POKKY!!!


  2. Nothing out of Japan suprises me since I watched the 2004 Superhero movie ‘Cutie Honey’ (which includes the Best Semi-Naked Superhero Transformation Scene with Onigiri ever) or the more recent 2007 Zombie slayfest originally titled ‘The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers’ but renamed ‘Attack Girls Swim Team Vs The Undead’.

    Here is the summary:

    Poor Aki’s having the worst first day ever at her new school. As if it’s not bad enough that she gets pushed into the swimming pool as a prank, there’s a new virus circulating among the student body and the doctor who comes to inoculate them against it is a raving madman. A raving madman who likes to experiment with viruses, no less, and one who pumps the entire school full of a virus of his own design that transforms them into bloodthirsty maniacs. Things would be looking grim indeed if not for the fact that pool water neutralizes the virus and Aki was actually kidnapped years earlier and trained as a secret assassin by the same mad doctor. It’s time for Aki to kick some ass but not before stripping down for some lesbian loving with her new found best friend.

    I rest my case


  3. DAM, I need to watch this when I get hoem. PB Why couldn’t you have said what barnes said in the first place…ACTIOn, Killin, pools, wet T’s its got it ALL.

    Besides, bloody work puter will not allow any pics or Vid played. Overbearing arseholes and fun nazi’s….grrrr


  4. Anyone notice the big meter on the right of the stage? The Wacky-o-meter (pat pending) perhaps?

    And I have added that movie Barnes described to my ‘must see’ list. Japanese schoolgirl lesbian zombies? Man that movie has got EVERYTHING!


  5. Very cleverly done indeed. Had to watch that a couple of times to appreciate it.


  6. This show did a ping pong clip in the same way i think – called matrix ping pong on you tube – Iptbt0w67ZE.


  7. PB, I laughed, thats very well done in my book, but then again, I found TOP CAT and Felix the cat to be very entertaining as well.


  8. I’ve seen that sort of thing before, I think it’s a brilliant idea.


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