[Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke at a right-to-life dinner last night in Evansville, Indiana via satellite (shown above). The governor teared up when discussing her son Trig who was diagnosed with Down syndrome before birth. “Trig is a miracle. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I want other women to have that opportunity to give birth to mentally challenged children who will grow up and vote Republican,” she said.]

(Ass. Press)

My dear friend, Betty – whom I am secretly in love with – asks me why I won’t leave Sarah Palin alone. “Your guy won,” Betty points out.

First of all, Obama was not and is not “my guy.” He won my vote by being the lesser of evils. And I wasn’t alone. Moderate Republicans like me were thrown under the political bus the moment John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. So we crossed party lines and voted for Obama – more out of protest against the insanity that has taken over our party than as a sign of support for Obama. If not for this cross-over vote, Obama would not have won.

But this created a problem that still has to be dealt with. When moderate Republicans like me left the GOP, we left behind the brain dead, ideologically driven, bible thumping morons that McCain was kissing up to when he chose Palin. And that means, like Iowa, these same morons will have a disproportionate influence on the next national elections.

And that is why I won’t leave Sarah Palin alone. She is still out there, and she is taking steps to run for president. She is actively kissing up to the idiot vote that the GOP now represents, which means it is actually possible that Palin will win the nomination.

So it is very, very important to remind people that Sarah Palin represents everything that has been wrong about America for the last 25 years. She is an utterly corrupt liar who believes in a perverted version of Jesus who approves of hate, and greed, and ignorance. Oh Lord, look what they’ve done to you and the evil they do in your name.

So I give you a video collecting Sarah’s finest moments during the last campaign. Watch it. It will be a test of your own personal mettle. If, after watching this you feel that Palin would be a good choice for President of the United States, then you are simply too stupid to vote. Or drive a car. Or carry sharp objects. Or raise children. You contribute nothing to the world other than being a means for evil people to get rich and stay rich and to give birth to and raise more idiots who will do the same stupid stuff. If you died this very moment the world would be a better place, because there would be one less moron for evil people to manipulate and one less idiot to meet up with some other idiot and misuse the miracle of life to create more idiots.

And just for fun:


12 Responses to “SARAH PALIN’S GREATEST HITS!!!”

  1. Palin the Alaskan Pauline Hanson?


  2. paulboylan Says:

    Bangar – Yes, but with one big difference, at least from what this seppo can suss about Australian politics: Pauline Hanson doesn’t really pose much of a threat of rising to the highest Australian political office. Palin does pose that threat. The same system that gave the world George W. Bush is poised and anxious to thrust Palin into the American presidency – and the problem is that they can game the system to actually do it.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    You can’t get into the Amalgamation of Evil Geniuses (AEG) where all those rich republicans hang plotting how to manipulate the masses. Is this a jealous rage?


  4. paulboylan Says:

    Anonymous – There are very, very few Republican Evil Geniuses left. Don’t get me wrong: there is plenty of evil in the New GOP, but not a whole lot of genius. Consequently, the AEG is dominated by Democrats and Socialists.

    I’m not criticizing, just observing. After all, every truly great Evil Genius is essentially trying to get governments to redistribute wealth and power, and what is more liberal than that?


  5. annonmous Says:

    what is more liberal than that?
    Understanding that the Republicans have been redistributing wealth and power for years, just in a different direction. Wealth had to be redistributed up so it could ‘trickle down’ to the rest of us. Unions had to be busted to redistribute power to the corps..


  6. paulboylan Says:

    Please, Annonmous, have sonme respect for my years, experience and temperament. My comment was surely made in jest. More importantly, what you just said isn’t an argument or an observation, and you are clearly smart enough to know it. The “redistribution” methods you just mentioned are pretenses for wealth concentration, not equalization. Concepts of power and wealth equalization or diffusion are liberal in nature. I cannot say that the opposite is “conservative” because the term has no meaning in an American context any longer. Most American conservatives are quite liberal by world, historical and philosophical measures.


  7. Thankfully true.


  8. annonmous Says:

    Please, paulboylan, have some respect for my years, experience and temperament. My comment was surely made in jest. Bless your heart, as a lifelong Republican perhaps you are not aware that many a proud liberal has faced the charge of not being liberal enough.
    Your definition of redistribution is too narrow. In using it to apply to the actions of Republicans I was asking you to consider that they were involved in social and wealth manipulation, actions that are considered to be liberal, not “conservative.” But perhaps I touched a nerve, or perhaps there was a heat wave where you live yesterday.
    PS– thanks for including the great Bolivian smiles with the wonderful pics in your “..Hotter…?” piece.


  9. paulboylan Says:

    Annonmous – You ask me to have respect for your years, experience, and temperament. No.

    I am well-aware that those on the left can and often are accused of not being liberal enough. Morons proliferate at the extremes of any socio/political spectrum, and only a moron would criticize someone for not being extreme enough.

    My definition of redistribution is just fine. My point – which you still do not yet grasp – is that redistribution alone isn’t liberal. Social, political and economic manipulation for the purpose of concentrating power and wealth is not liberal at all, even if it can be seen as a form of redistribution. The mind-boggling redistribution of wealth from the American middle class to the rich due to social, political and economic manipulation cannot be viewed as “liberal” in origin, nature, scope or affect, whereas the redistribution of wealth from the rich down to the poor through social, political and economic manipulation would be liberal in origin, nature, scope and affect.

    You confuse intellectual frustration over the failure to communicate a simple concept for “touching a nerve.”

    The weather is actually quite nice here in Northern California.

    Thank you for seeing and appreciating those smiles, too.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    OK, I demand respect for my years, experience and temperament. And I forgive you for implying that I am too dense to grasp a simple concept. I hope you appreciate that I find your mind-boggling response very funny, though I must admit that it took a couple readings.
    Yes, Northern California has lovely weather.


  11. paulboylan Says:

    Demand all you like. Aint gonna happen. However, I do respect your ability to forgive someone like me. That reveals a rare virtue, eminently worthy of respect.

    You think I implied you are too dense to grasp a simple concept? I don’t think I implied you are too dense to grasp a simple concept. Not in the least.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    ” I don’t I think…Not in the least.”

    I know and so do you. Luckily, because of my years, experience and temperament it is easy to forgive someone like you.

    Thanks for the respect.

    Anna Nemous


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