This is the start of a new series on this blog. I’ve wanted to post music vids for some time showcasing some of my favorite music.  But too often, even if the music was good, the vids were so bad that they detracted from the music, virtually forcing the listener/viewer to miss what was good about the music in the first place.

Well, I’ve found a few music vids that don’t hurt the music that much.  Each of the ones I will post here I consider transcendent music – i.e., music that rose above the time and place of its ferment.

For reasons unknown to me, there are many Australian bands that produced transcendent music.  Goanna is one of them.  I first heard this song at 3:00 AM as I drove north on the 405 freeway on my way back home from a party in Santa Monica. I listened casually, and then intently, realizing I was listening to something that went beyond my experience, something urgent, something with a message.  I popped a cassette onto my car’s stereo recorder and captured as much of it as I could. I listened to it many times over the years. It took me 20 years to find out who wrote and performed that song.

Don’t watch this vid so much as listen to the music.  Do not be distracted by the simple video techniques. Do not be put off by the 70’s hair styles. Listen to the music. It is excellent in every way rock music can be excellent.

I wonder if they realized their accomplishment as it was being achieved.  I tend to doubt it – which only adds to the wonder of it all.  If they knew what they were doing, they could have never done it so well.

I really hope you like it. And if you don’t, then you are just no good.


10 Responses to “TRANSCENDENT MUSIC 1.0 — Goanna”

  1. Please not the drummers mighty Bombers footy jumper.


  2. That’s ‘note’.


  3. The bombers are an AFL team from essendon in melbourne. This video was done when it was only an VFL comp.
    essendon are not mighty though


  4. The bombers just beat the pies in a cracking Anzac day game. Biggest home and away game of the season and it was bonza.

    Now Paul, see if you can work all that out.


  5. Yeah nah mate, aerial ping pong’s for farken pooftas. In real footy Saint George stuffed the Chooks up at the SFS in the NRL Anzac game.

    Decode that and you’ll probably be granted citizenship on spec.


  6. Awesome song, really. The total package : catchy riff, passionate delivery and a deep and meaningful message for us all.

    And that rock-chick backup singer was totally hot!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I thought it was a nicely crafted song with a good hook.


  8. mate, you need to also look up Ice house..great southern Land, and then RED GUM, Diamantina drover, poor ned and anything lse by them, then Dump some OIL’s in as well..One Country


  9. paulboylan Says:

    drums of heaven, dude.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hunters And Collectors, Paul. If you like this effort from Goanna, you’re going to love “Throw Your Arms Around Me.”

    No idea about the video, though.

    Greek, Russian and Arabic? Damn. I’m jealous. All I’ve got is Bahasa, and a little bit of Spanish.


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