People of Earth, it is looking bad for the American Republican Party.  Reliable polls show that 19% of Americans now identify themselves as Republicans, compared with 48% just half a year ago.

How could this have happened?

How could this have happened?

And it is getting worse.  Recently Arlen Specter – a long-serving moderate Republican Senator – became a Democrat.  Even Joe the Plumber announced that he is leaving the Republican Party. You know things are bad when the GOP has become “too creepy” for Joe the Plumber.

The GOP is devolving into a “rump party” – i.e., a political party that, due to rigid ideology, becomes isolated from the main currents of national American life.  Traditional “family values” Republicans should be very concerned about becoming a rump party, primarily because of the gay jokes it will inflict upon the GOP.

The Republican Party is shrinking because mainstream America no longer listening to the Republican message.  Instead of developing a new, more relevant message, leading Republicans are shouting the old GOP message louder and louder, leading to bizarre results.

The new Republican voter.

The new Republican voter.

For example, Republican political leaders have just gone crazy opposing new federal hate crime legislation that includes “sexual orientation” as a category.

Here is how the new law would work:  let’s say you punch someone in the face.  That is a crime called battery.  But under the proposed federal law, the penalty for that  crime would be enhanced if you call your victim a “fag” before hitting him.

The Republican Party snapped into action to oppose this bill.  Speaker after speaker in the House of Representatives forcefully warned that, if this new law is passed, it will “chill free speech.”

democrat stimulus bill passes house

“So-called ‘hate crime’ laws actually serve only one purpose -” said Kevin Theriot, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund,  “- the criminalization of citizens based on whatever thoughts, beliefs, and emotions they have that are not considered to be ‘politically correct.’”

Mr. Theriot is wrong and anyone with half a brain knows it.  The new law does not punish people for their thoughts or beliefs. Even if the new law passes, every American will still have the God-given right to hate anyone as much as they want.  The new law doesn’t discourage you from walking up to any homosexual and saying “I hate you because you are a homosexual.”  The law doesn’t discourage that – but it does discourage you from punching him or her in the face after saying it.  The law does not “chill” speech, thought or feeling.  It chills assault.

And that’s the problem. The Republican Party isn’t opposing the new law to protect  free speech – the GOP is against the new law because they want to protect your right to punch a homosexual in the face because you hate homosexuals.

The Republican base.

The Republican base.

This does not play well with the  “post-Bush” American electorate. The vast majority of Americans do not hate homosexuals, don’t care if they can get married, and can’t understand why the GOP seems hell-bent on promoting hate by opposing laws that discourage acts of violence motivated by hate.

“It has nothing to do with hating homos,” explains the Reverend Trip Knuckles, an Evangelical Christian. “Our opposition to the new law has everything to do with discouraging our children from choosing the homosexual lifestyle,” said, Knuckles. “Fewer kids will decide to become gay if they are afraid they might get lynched if they do. The new law undermines that fear by discouraging violence against homosexuals. And that’s bad.”

Bad craziness.

Bad craziness.

Arlene Smedby, Chairwoman for The New Republican Majority, sees a different answer. “In the beginning, we hated blacks,” Smedby said. “ And that worked great.  Then came the Civil Rights movement and the American people stopped listening to segregationist slogans and passed laws against lynchings.  But the GOP adapted, replacing blacks with communists. When the Cold War ended, the GOP adapted again by targeting homosexuals. Gay bashing has had a good run, but now it is time for the GOP find some other group to hate.”

Other leading Republicans also advocate reform. “We risk losing our national political influence if we refuse to change with the times,” said Track Hemplin, unemployed rodeo promoter.  “I recommend we embrace homosexuals – not too close, of course, because you don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing – and refocus on hating illegal immigrants, especially the ones who refuse to learn English,” Hemplin concludes.

The perfect choice because they are powerless.

The perfect choice because they are powerless.

“Studies show that Americans will hate illegal immigrants just as much as they used to hate and fear blacks, commies and homos,” said Trig Smythe, just some guy waiting to buy crank outside of a Wasilla 7-11. “Hate is a traditional Republican unifying force.  But exploiting hate can be tricky.  We depended on enough people hating blacks, liberals and people with foreign sounding names to win the last election.  We didn’t realize how few people hate blacks, liberals and foreigners, even if their middle name is “Hussein.”  But I think we are on to something with illegal immigrants because they don’t speak English.”

A force for political unity.

A force for political unity.

“English is the American National language,” said SarahFan, an anonymous blogger. “I just want to punch people in the face who don’t speak English,” he/she/it said.

Will the GOP find a new group to hate before the party collapses?  Only time will tell.



  1. Innovative in Hate, their new slogan.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    “Hate is GRRRREAT!!!”

    A much better slogan.


  3. Flinthart Says:

    Are there enough left-handed people for them to hate? Could that do the job, do you think? I’m just suggesting alternatives here. I agree that non-English speaking migrants are probably an easier target… but it never hurts to have backup, does it?


  4. paulboylan Says:

    No, not enough left-handed people, although they certainly are sinister enough to be the target for a hate campaign.

    My personal choice would be fat people. No one likes them and there is no organization advocating for their position.


  5. “The law doesn’t discourage that “, yeah but it doesn’t encourge punching homosexuals in the face so obviously elements of the GOP will have problems with that.

    very chucklsome.

    Southpaws and Fat people are good but why no go after the heart & soul of the opposition.

    I recommend they focus hate on ‘thinky folk’ -its not like they’d every join the GOP anyway and they’re shifty what will all that thinking they do.

    Worked a treat in Cambodia.


  6. Hello, Paul.

    It is your old pain in the ass, TP. I need to hire you for your services if you are able to provide. Please email me at tunasticsmusic@yahoo.com. If you cannot help me perhaps you can point me in the right direction?


  7. What about red heads? Red heads are naturally angry and this would just light a big, angry fuse. Their righteous anger would boil over into violence and the GOP could say “Look at those crazy red heads. Always making with the trouble and the violence. Let’s kill them.”
    Otherwise there’s always Belgians. Who gives a f**k about Belgium? Except a few beer making monks and some Eurocrats, no-one gives a tinker’s cuss for Belgium. Yeah, Belgian-bashing would work for the Republicans. (Get the beer recipes first).


  8. I suggest they start hating science. Oh yeah, they already do.


  9. Reminds me of the days of Richard Nixon. The pendulum will swing back although I don’t know who or what will be the catalyst.


  10. Perhaps it will be a simple matter to hate left-handed, red-headed Belgian scientists.


  11. Anna Nymous Says:

    Yo puedo ayuda los Repubicanos nuevos. Mi amora, tan guapa con pelo rojo, es de Belguim. Y yo soy de Mexico. Nosotras tenemos los papeles porque pagamos cinco mil pesos al coyote. Mi amora escribe con la mano izquierda y yo soy una bonita gordita. No entiendo “thinky” pero es posible nosotras podemos aprenderlo; fuimos al universidad.

    No hay trabajo en Mexico.
    Hay un Republicano que tiene trabajo para nosotras ?


  12. RarahFan Says:

    I don’t know why these people can’t learn to speak our national language, really! I had to ask my daughter who has to take Spanish to graduate from our fool leftist high school to figure out what this fool Anna was trying to say. Well here it is:

    I can help the new Republicans. My love, so beautiful with red hair, is from Belgium and I come from Mexico. We have papers because we paid the coyote 5 thousand pesos. My love writes with her left hand and I am a nice fat lady. I don’t understand “thinky” but possibly we can learn, we went to university.

    There is no work in Mexico.
    Is there a Republican that has work for us?

    Well a few more of these and we Reps will be sitting pretty.


  13. paulboylan Says:

    Anna – Yo le invito a hablar español aquí en cualquier momento. Usted es siempre deleitoso. Y prevendrá Penelope de Glenn de la comprensión lo que decimos.

    RarhaFan – Do we know each other? Something about you is familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it (so to speak). However, anyone who agrees so closely with Anna is a friend of mine, so welcome!


  14. Anna Nymous Says:

    A mi me gusta practicar espanol. Pero necesito tan mucho tiempo para hacerlo. Pues, gracias por la invitation.


  15. paulboylan Says:

    Anna – No problema. Pero mi virtud superior requiere que yo le informo que hablo español como un imbécil.

    Aber, Ich spreche Deutsch ein kleines besser. Die Wahrheit ist, dass ich mich selbst beim glauben es täusche.

    Which is, of course, the story of my life. Figuratively speaking.


  16. RarahFan Says:

    PNB, Surely you jest. I am a not a fan of that Anna. I only repeated those vile words so the world could see them in our wonderful national language.


  17. your blog is so hilarious.


  18. paulboylan Says:

    Well, Sam, you are the only person on earth who knows it.


  19. Anna Nymous Says:

    PNB, your modesty will never bring you fame or fortune, or entrance to the A.I.E., but your fans find it hilarious.

    Sam, welcome to a very exclusive club.


  20. Anna Nymous Says:

    BTW, No podi entender la secunda frasa aleman que escribiste en 13 de marzo. Un poco ayuda, por favor.


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