Ass. Press
Posted: 05/29/2009 05:57:32 AM PDT
Updated: 05/27/2009 05:57:34 AM PDT
WELLINGTON, New Zealand —

Ass. Press

Posted: 05/29/2009 05:57:32 AM PDT

Updated: 05/27/2009 05:57:34 AM PDT

WELLINGTON, New Zealand —  Princess, the rare white tiger that killed one of her handlers at a wild animal park in New Zealand, has become the target for international criticism.

“That tiger killed and tried to eat that guy,” said Bill Chen, Human Rights advocate based in Beijing, China. “That tiger should be destroyed,” Chen demanded.

“William Chen operates a disreputable restaurant that specializes in serving meals made from endangered species,” said Ingrid Bledsoe, Animal Rights advocate based in Billings, Montana. “Chen sees this as an opportunity to expand his menu,” Bledsoe asserts. “He wants it to replace his Trumpeter Swan Fricassee.”

Many around the world are demanding that Princess suffer some consequence for attempting to devour her caregiver.  But others offer a different perspective.

“Princess has given joy to thousands of children over the years,” says animal park worker Ted Smedby. “But do they call her ‘Princess, the giver of joy?” No, they do not. Now they call her ‘Princess, the tiger that tried to eat that guy.’  It is so unfair,” Smedby argues.



  1. They are still mentioning the tiger’s colour in every news story. Would it have even got a look in if the Tiger had been black, or Hispanic or Chinese?


  2. OOOh Barnes, occasionally you get the chill down the spine happenning


  3. Anna Nymous Says:

    Ah the cute little predator, reminds me of my daughter’s cute little black and white kitty , or a friend or two. Actually, I guess we are all predators…
    Opps, forgot about vegans.


  4. I call her “Princess, The New Rug For Therbs’ Cigar Room”.


  5. Someone tried to sell one of the tiger’s whiskers on the NZ equiv of eBay the other day. Supposedly to raise money for the dead keeper’s family.

    As BarnesM points out there is an obvious racial angle of the keeper being black (he was) and the tiger being white (it was. It’s fairly dead now and has been for a week or more.)


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