CNBC Interview


Okay, whoever it is out there who is looking for information on me by googling permutations of the search term “Paul Nicholas Boylan CNBC interview” here it is.

Please don’t be some kind of cyber stalker.  My dance card is filled with all the cyber stalkers I can handle at the moment.

And please don’t email me to tell me that my tie is crooked. That is very, very old news now.


14 Responses to “CNBC Interview”

  1. Interesting piece. I’d be happy to see more of them if it meant the end of tabloid “journalism”.


  2. You’re a good lookin’ man PNB. Even with a crooked tie.

    Your buddy with the poncy Oxford flop-fringe must be a bit of a muppet not to have actually READ THROUGH the termination provisions in the non-disclosure agreement that was slapped in front of him, surely? Not much point weeping about not being able to write a tell-all when it looks a lot like an entirely self-inflicted injury.


  3. Is this really an attempt to increase your internet celebrity?
    is it an attempt to prove you aren’t actually the devil?
    how do we know it’s actually you? Just because it was CNBC and not Fox doesn’t mean it’s actually true.
    very sceptical


  4. It’s what I always suspected,

    you’re a very sexy man.


  5. I’m a little troubled with all of this manly appreciation for PNB’s obvious charms. Seems a little poofy to me. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, he is a ruggedly handsome guy that fairly drips testosterone. I would go so far as to say that it is akin to a pre-cocaine addicted Jan Michael Vincent at the height of his Airwolf fame.

    Oh, the hell with it … Next time you are in Atlanta you had better call me you sexy bitch.



  6. paulboylan Says:

    Bangar: What I posted IS tabloid journalism – dressed up a bit, but it is still about scandalous details about celebrities.

    Yobbo: I thought the same thing when I heard him complain about the agreement he himself entered into.

    uamada: I know you are kidding, but I want to clarify why I posted the link.

    As you know, WordPress allows clients to see which search terms are being used to bring people to a WordPress blog. The cases I handle often make news, and whenever that happens, people who don’t like my clients -and who therefore don’t like me – dive into the internet and try to dig up dirt on me that I presume they wish to use to discredit me, and through me, my clients. Whenever I hit the papers, I see search terms like “Paul Boylan criminal record” and “Paul Nicholas Boylan attorney pornography.”

    A recent case of mine made news and – voila! I see the electronic scurrying of cyber feet running along the web searching for unsavory details about me. Someone found out about my CNBC interview and was looking for it. I decided to do whoever they are a favor and point the way.

    As for internet celebrity – there isn’t any, at least not for me. You are one of a very small group of people who visit this place to (presumably) read what I have to say. The vast majority are looking for racy pictures of Sarah Palin. Out of the hundreds of people who accessed this page today, only 15 read this particular post and only 7 of those viewed the vid – whereas 561 people visited here looking for pics of smiley faces.

    Besides, if I wanted to cultivate internet celebrity, then I would have posted links to my FoxNews talk show appearances – especially the one where I vociferously argued in favor of a US military invasion of the Bahamas. My tie looked great in that one.

    Barnes – Then how come all of the bunnies on Birmo’s hovercraft keep calling me “Sir” and say “here, let me do that for you” and then cut whatever I am eating into small pieces? I hate that as much as I hate it when Boy Scouts offer to help me cross a street.

    Rhino – The next time I am in Atlanta I will call you whatever you want, you magnificent bastard.


  7. I couldn’t tell that tell that the tie was crooked, I could only tell that it not something I’d wear…

    I’m showing as “blank” because I tried to delete my WordPress blog and that is not allowed, because it might mess up their software (WTF?).

    Doug/cageliner.blogspot etc etc.


  8. Now i am going to have to search for your fox news appearances. Your presence would have quadrupled the IQ on the network – so be prepared to see “paul boylan bahamas fox” as a search term.

    I prefer to be considered a part of a small group of people who respect what you have to say and how you say it.


  9. I won’t comment here as my associating with you could provide your detractors with the ammunition they require.

    I will just stay hidden at and my website .


  10. paulboylan Says:

    uamada – I can’t say my “regular” visitors respect what I have to say, but they do seem to enjoy it enough to return. That is good enough for me.

    Nautilus- Yes. Be very careful. All three of my detractors (I suspect it is really one person with three different online nicknames) may obsessively research your background, too.

    If I knew who they really are, I would purchase them a cable television subscription so they have something to do with their time.


  11. paulboylan Says:

    Nautilus – Thus far, 63 people have attempted to access the two website links you included in your last post. My guess is that they will spend hours and hours searching for or trying to connect to them.

    Thank you for giving those morons something to occupy their time. My appreciation is sincere.

    I’ll let you know when they start quoting material they find at those sites. Here is how it is going to happen: I am going to be attending a school board meeting and someone in the audience will say “and I want you to know that, if you go to you will see pictures of your legal counsel, Mr. Boylan – if that is his real name -laughing while children are molested.”

    I will vociferously deny it and call for a criminal investigation of my accuser, thereby chilling future attempts to defame me – and discouraging anyone from revealing that I am a Stalinist conspiring with aliens to take over the earth.

    Thank you, Nautilus. When the aliens invade, I will make sure you are not eaten.

    It is good to have friends in high places.


  12. paulboylan Says:

    Oh yeah, and I am going to beat you in Bedak’s footy tipping contest.


  13. Nautilus Says:

    I think you may well have beaten me, I only got 3 or 4 this week.


  14. paulboylan Says:

    I think I got five right this week, which means I slip farther back than you do.


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