No ashamed to call himself a Christian, sort of.

Is he a Christian, or just trying to look like one on the beach?

One of my regular readers – who goes only by the name “Celia” – recently wrote:

“Lots of chatter going on around me right now. Are you scared that I have documentation of events from long ago? To the best of my memory, even I have not yet considered that there are two problems here, as I see it. As I recall, many will be interested in knowing that I find it interesting that your column is difficult to follow. You use lots of words.  I further note that, in my experience, an acquaintance told me I’ve heard you and your minions, et al, use words I don’t like in your column. HUH? Does anyone else see a conspiracy here? Parents are devastated. Typical Boylan, in my opinion.  You should be ashamed of yourself for calling yourself a Christian.”


Celia (very single)


Celia’s diatribe is more than a textbook example of paranoid schizophrenia: his rant casts a shadow on the past, present and future of the Republican Party.

A few weeks ago, I used this column to talk to conservative Republicans who, like me, reluctantly supported Obama in the last national election. I pointed out that the Republican Party has withered away into what can, at best, be considered a local and regional power.  For example, Northern California is a Republican stronghold.  But while we are strong enough to affect local politics, we’ve lost our voice in the national debate.

To understand how we got here and how we can fix the problem, we need to examine the event that caused the GOP to crash – i.e., John McCain’s decision to nominate Palin as his running mate in the 2008 national election.

At first it seemed like a stroke of genius. Palin looked good. She sounded good. She appealed to social conservatives and, being a woman, she stood a good chance of separating the female voting block from the Democrats.

Going after the female vote.


Palin’s acceptance speech was political dynamite. She said all the right things and said them so well.  A good friend of mine began calling McCain “McGenius” for choosing Palin.

But as fast as Sarah jumped onto the national political stage, she began to trip all over it just as quickly.  The bad news started and just kept coming.  Her interviews with Charlie Gibson were a disaster, revealing that she was abysmally ignorant of foreign and domestic policy.  And even though Katie Courick isn’t a journalist by any stretch of the imagination, Sarah’s interview with Courick was even more of a train wreck.


And then came the non-stop parade of surreal weirdness.  Even though Palin supported abstinence-based Sex Ed, her teen daughter was pregnant. Even though Palin championed lack of corruption, her gubernatorial administration was corrupt.  She was revealed to be an unabashed liar, first supporting the “bridge to nowhere” and then denying supporting it.

I can, but won’t, go on and on with example after example from the avalanche of bad news that grew and grew as November 3rd got closer.  All I will say is that each day it became even clearer than the day before that Sarah Palin was simply unsuited to occupy high office – much less serve as vice president to an elderly president.

Hey! You kids! Get your dog off my lawn!  Lousy punks....

"Hey! You kids! Get your dog off my lawn! Lousy punks....

There is no way on earth McCain’s people didn’t know about Sarah Palin’s negatives before they lifted her out of relative obscurity and placed her on the national stage. Every bit of unfavorable news, every single unfortunate fact, was already known prior to Palin’s selection to the GOP’s national ticket.  All of it – and I mean all of it – was and is available on the Internet for anyone to research.

From Sarah's Internet sex tape (posted by an old boyfriend)

From Sarah's Internet sex tape (posted by an old boyfriend)

So why did McCain and his team of experienced, educated, experienced Republican political advisors pick Palin to stand with McCain and not Joe Lieberman or Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani or even Elizabeth Dole?  Why did McCain agree to pick Sarah Palin over a huge number of men and women who where infinitely better qualified than Palin?




The truth isn’t easy to accept, but, if the Republican Party has any chance of rising up from the ashes it is currently entombed in, the truth must be faced, and faced squarely:  Palin was chosen in order to appeal to people like my constant critics, Celia and Linda– i.e., low-class, minimally intelligent voters obsessed with saran wrap and pantyhose who think they are smarter than they are, think they are Christians when they really aren’t, are against the teaching of evolution and who are identified by pollsters as “social conservatives.”

Knows Penelope personally.

Knows Penelope, Celia and Linda personally.

Palin was picked to pander to social conservatives like Celia because McCain believed he couldn’t win without them.  So he picked a running mate who looked just like them, sounded just like them and claimed to be one of them.

Trotting out the retarded kid to connect with her base.

Trotting out the retarded kid to connect with her base.

It was a gamble that was doomed to fail, bringing the GOP crashing down in the process. However – and this is the point – Sarah Palin’s sudden resignation from her job as Alaskan Governor is the first step in a series of events that will ultimately result in the GOP’s restoration as a national party.

But only if we have the courage to say no to another deal with the devil.








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