Singer tells Bucharest audience she had a “higher duty to act”

Superhero Action Girl

Action Girl

By Rhappee Kanasta (Ass. Press) Updated 3 hours ago.

BUCHAREST, Romania – Thousands of fans booed pop star Madonna as she donned her alter-ego “Action Girl” during one of her concerts.

Madonna paused in the two-hour concert to leap from the stage into the crowd and save a family of Gypsies, also known as Roma, from armed thugs who were trying to rob the family.

“I came here to see a concert, not a rescue,” said Atila Szapolyai. “I don’t care if Madonna is also a superhero. I paid $175 to watch her sing Like A Virgin, not save the day. If I wanted to watch acts of social responsibility I would have gone to the Al Gore concert.”

After teleporting the criminals to the local jail and making sure the family was all right, Madonna continued the concert without further interruption.

After the concert, Gypsies lined up outside Madonna’s dressing room hoping to be adopted.




  1. I didn’t know Madonna did stand-up comedy. Thank you Paul.


  2. She’s no Word Girl, that’s for sure.


  3. Ana Nymous Says:

    Asked if he was adding to his act, Al Gore riped off his blue pin stripes and broke into “That’s All Right” Madonna as his sideburns grew longer, his collar grew higher and blue suede could be seen peeking from beneath his trousers.


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