Yeah, I’m back.  I saw a lot of picturesque streets.




I saw a lot of skinny French women.




I was sometimes confronted by the bizarre and inexplicable.




I spent time with some dear, old friends.


Naomi and me


And I spent a lot of time digesting food and assimilating drink.


me in cafe


But right now I am severely jet lagged and need to go to sleep.

More later.

17 Responses to “BACK FROM FRANCE”

  1. Skinny French HOT women.

    Mate, you are pretty much how I imagined you. Right down to the black shirt. Have you got a black wool over coat?….if so, I’ll freak out.


  2. Yes. I do. What of it?


  3. Mmmmm hot French women……

    Err, sorry, I was distracted for a moment. I have diverted my attention by thinking of French food and wine instead.


  4. Some useful research has come in on jet-lag. Apparently, you can reset the sleep clock if you reset the blood sugar clock. In essence: you don’t eat before/during the flight (whatever it takes to make it come out right) and then at the appropriate hour for breakfast wherever you turn up, you hog in big-time.

    It seems that doing this produces a drop in your blood sugar that mimics the drop which occurs in the long fast of a night’s sleep. And when you grab a mighty breakfast at the hour appropriate for the land of your arrival, you immediately reset the blood-sugar cycle, which slaps your sleep cycle firmly in the chops, tells it to sit down and stfu so you can get on with living normally.

    That’s the technical version, anyhow. Haven’t tried it yet – it’s quite a recent piece of research. But it sounds sane, and doable.


  5. It’s just how I pictured you. Professor Boylan with the black wool over coat in misty paris scuttling between bakery, fresh vege market, and bottle shop picking up the right wine. Right age, height, everything. God I scare myself sometimes. Probably just been reading you long enough to form a picture.


  6. There’s nothing quite like seeing dear old friends.


  7. Yo, Professor,

    Welcome back … it was kinda’ empty without you.



  8. Bondi – Beware French women. They will mess you up, boy.

    Flint – You may be right, but it doesn’t help me now. However, it will certainly help if and when I decide to visit the land down under while I still can.

    Moko – Oh yeah? Well, there is no way you could tell from what I write how short I am – and I am fairly short.

    Ana – So very true.

    Rhino – What a nice thing to say. The last time someone said that sort of thing to me it was a prelude to trying to borrow money. Damn, what a cynic this world has made of me…


  9. Now that you’re back you’ll tell us everything you know about Roland Corning, yes?


  10. Some say I know too much about Ronald Corning.


  11. You’re right about French women. Approach with caution, they love playing affection games. My experience is that you’re best off being drunk. But I guess that’s what I recommend for most situations.


  12. Yes indeed welcome back, you have been missed and no I don’t need a loan just your usual incisive wit will be reward enough.

    That woman you identified above as ‘skinny French women’ her name is Florass and she’s from Iceland.


  13. You look a little more American and a little less Greek than I imagined.


  14. I’ll post a pic of me in a Greek Army uniform and you will eat those words, Bart.


  15. Hey, found a pic of you on the net from your days in the Greece Army mate.

    You know I love you. lol


  16. That’s actually pretty funny. But the following is more of what I had in mind:



    If things get slow in the US of A I believe there’s a place for your legal expertise here.


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