Has anyone else noticed that the United States is actively – although quietly – preparing to support an Israeli airstrike against Iran?  The signs are unmistakable. The US and Israel are conducting joint military exercises (Operation Juniper Cobra) they both claim are routine but are unprecedented in scope and scale.

Even more telling, the Obama administration has quietly taken the preliminary steps necessary to tap into the US Strategic Petroleum reserve.

I think time has run out for Iran.

What, me worry?


04-11-09 UPDATE:

JERUSALEM — Israeli commandos seized a ship Wednesday that defense officials said was carrying more than 60 tons of missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons bound for Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas.

JERUSALEM, Nov. 4 (UPI) — Hamas has smuggled scores of long-range Iranian missiles into Gaza and tested a missile that can hit Tel Aviv, a top Israeli military intelligence officer said.

7 Responses to “UPDATE: THE NEXT WAR”

  1. YEah, I’m bored with the other two wars. They’ve run out of original footage on YouTube. We need a knew massacre for my entertainment.


  2. I was reading that the time for Iran to start worrying is when Isreal stops actually making comments about how dangerous iran is.

    On the flip side Hezbollah launched a rocket yesterday just to remind Isreal they’re still in lebanon…If the IDF strikes at Iran they’ll also hit southern Leb and Gaza as well. it will not be a good time to be seen as an ally of Iran.

    Wonder if they’ll hit Chavez as well pour encourage les autres?



    We haven’t finished paying off the LAST one.

    Well count us in, you’re an ally and we’ll be there.



  4. Game of chess, anyone?


  5. Oh, great.
    you know what this means, don’t you?
    Radioactive dates.


  6. Who says they aren’t radioactive now?

    All kidding aside, there won’t be any radiation involved. The bombing will be conventional, not nuclear. The facilities themselves are underground and can’t be reached with conventional weapons, so the Israelis will use bombs that will spread lots and lots of little bombs all over the place so as to deny access to the facilities that are so offending US sensibilities.


  7. Sarkozy will be upset that he won’t get to use le Force du frappe as promsied by Chirac against any possible threat to the fifth republic…

    It would teach the iranians to buy french rather than russian arms….


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