HEADLINE – Burqas not welcomed in France

Sarkozy: No Place for Burqas in France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

By Rhappi Kanasta, Ass.Press Reporter

PARIS (Nov. 17) — French President Nicolas Sarkozy says there is no place for full face and body veils such as the burqa, or for the debasement of women, in France.

“Becoming French means adhering to a form of civilization, to values, to morals,” Sarkozy said.

Sarkozy said Thursday during a speech on national identity that “France is a country where there is no place for the burqa.”

“However,” the French President continued, “we are totally in favor of hot women wearing exciting underwear.”

“There is definitely a place for sexy lingerie in France,” Sarkozy concluded.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and a hot French babe. So she slept with Mick Jagger. So what?

What would Sarkozy think about this?

2 Responses to “HEADLINE – Burqas not welcomed in France”

  1. There is ALWAYS a place for Hot Women In Exciting Underwear.


  2. High stakes game he’s playing there, old Nic.

    But totally with him on the hot French hotness.


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