PEOPLE OF EARTH has been granted a preview of James Cameron’s new film Avatar, the first block buster, high budget studio film shot in 3D.

James Cameron

Cameron’s prior films –  including Terminator, Aliens, the Abyss and True Lies – have been some of the biggest money making movies in cinematic history.  His prior film, Titanic, remains the largest grossing film of all time, earning a mind-boggling $2.8 billion.

Made a lot of money.

POE was offered a sneak preview of Avatar on the condition that no “spoilers” were provided to POE’s readers.  So I won’t be describing the film’s plot or revealing the surprise Hollywood dance routine ending, so I will restrict my review to one subject:


Space Chicks, man!  This movie is all about Space Chicks!

Alien Space Chicks with tails!

So, go for the 3D.  Stay for the Space Chicks.

And for you ladies out there who, perhaps, are not as interested in Space Chicks, this film – like so many of Cameron’s prior films – is all about relationships – which makes it a chick flick.

A chick flick with Space Chicks!  What on earth could be better?


  1. This is too date the most compeling arguement I have been offered to see AVATAR

    Will try to arrange to be there on the openning night.

    Thanks for the heads up


  2. Boylan? May I call you Paul? Cameron is a fellow canuckian. Of course its a chick flick with space chicks or vice versa. Right down the middle like always.


  3. Out of sheer adulation of Aliens, I go and see every James Cameron flick. This one does not look like it will be a chore. Blue space elf chicks, man. Blue. Space. Elf. Chicks. I’m in.


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