HEADLINE – Iran slams Swiss, warns of rising Islamophobia

MUNCIE, Indiana – Iran criticized a Swiss ban on the construction of minarets on mosques, and warned of rising Islamophobia in Europe, Iranian English-language news agency Press TV reported Saturday.

“This ban is a manifestation of an irrational and baseless fear of fundamentalist Islam,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who then placed a “fatwa” on those responsible for the ban.

“I call upon all True Believers who fear and worship Allah to find and kill the Swiss politicians who voted in favor of this unjust law that serves no purpose other than to spread Islamophobia,” Mottaki said. “Find these infidels,” Mottaki instructed, “cut off their heads, kill their families and post videos of our revenge on Youtube for other Infidels to download and see during their spare time,” Mottaki concluded.

A “fatwa” is a death sentence that Muslim clergy can impose on anyone who displeases them. Those who carry out the fatwa receive prizes and extra virgins in the afterlife.

“Death to all those who spread Islamophobia!” shouted Abu Salla, a student in Pakistan, who hopes to win a toaster oven after killing Swiss politicians.



“Soon everyone will be too afraid to be afraid of us!” Salla concluded.


9 Responses to “HEADLINE – Iran slams Swiss, warns of rising Islamophobia”

  1. Yes it is a bit like that. I note that there have been numerous student protests aagin which the iranian gov have tried to hush up. reminds me so much of ’79


  2. These people make me want kill for peace.


  3. I am embarrassed by these people. They think being upset all of the time and finding offense in the smallest thing makes them more powerful. All it does is make the rest of the world turn away and tune out. In their defense you can undersrtand that when people have nothing they hold onto their pride and those embracing radical Islam are very poor and ignorant peoples with nothing.


  4. I don’t have time to check; please pnb, tell me this is irony so I can laugh with a clean conscious.

    Using religion to justify killing is the greatest of sins in my book. Sadly, I fear ‘we’ may have encouraged this type of thing during the old cold war days.


  5. ok, for those spelling fanatics: I am conscious of the fact that the phrase is “clean conscience”


  6. I declare a double secret probation Papal Bull to be in effect essentially saying “nyah nyah I can’t hear you fundamental imam-dudes” which nullifies any head removing and/or afterlife virgin defiling.

    Oh, and Mr. Boomstick here is going to help me spread the love.

    Rhino (who is not Havsy).


  7. It is very modern of them to include youtube in their fatwa. It’s a level of adaptation that seems beyond the Catholic Church.

    Nautilus (who isn’t Havsy but can be nauty at times)


  8. The jokes on them it was the people who voted against the minarets.


  9. Videos Chistosos…

    […]HEADLINE – Iran slams Swiss, warns of rising Islamophobia « PEOPLE OF EARTH: ATTENTION[…]…


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