I have been flamed (but not defamed, as you will see).  Over at the the Blunt Instrument, one of my favorite blogs, a gentleman who goes by the name of Greybeard said:

Mr Boylan: you Sir, are a vulgarian and a snob.


Now, isn’t that the nicest way of calling someone a jerk you have ever seen?  It is beyond cool. The gentility and elegance of that insult lifts it beyond cool to the rarely achieved level of cugat (as in “that is soooo cugat, dude!”).



  1. Thats what you get for suggesting a chain burger can be truly considered for best burger in the world.


  2. Ahh, so we share a common ancestor. I also have links back to the homeland of Vulgar.


  3. Aw, come on, besso, I told you why I did that.

    However, if and when you ever come out to my neck of the woods, I will buy you one of those chain burgers (In and Out) and your mind will be opened.

    After that, I will provide victuals that will be a bit more refined. Ask Birmo if you want a better indication of what to expect.


  4. YB – I am told that Vulgaristan – the land of our common (very common and uncouth) ancestors – was a wonderful place where a man or woman or even small child cold speak their mind.


  5. Greybeard is indeed a gentleman and a scholar. He had a blog, too, briefly.


  6. Paul I’m trying very hard to defend our awesome burgers on Twitter but the Aussies are making it a hard FAIL for me.


  7. Australia has a long histroy of insulting each other which means when our represntatives in parliement want to slag off they have to do it in the nicest possible way while still appearling to an electroate made of thugs and uncooth vulgarians.

    I am not like the Leader of the Opposition. I did not slither out of the Cabinet room like a mangy maggot…
    – On John Howard

    Like being flogged with a warm lettuce.
    – On John Hewson

    The Leader of the Opposition is more to be pitied than despised, the poor old thing. The Liberal Party ought to put him down like a faithful dog because he is of no use to it and of no use to the nation.
    – On Andrew Peacock

    A review of terms used in the paliement to describe other memebers listed the terms: harlots, sleazebags, frauds, mugs, blackguards, pigs, mugs, clowns, boxheads, criminal intellects, loopy crims, stupid foul-mouthed grub, piece of criminal garbage, dullard, alley cat, bunyip aristocracy, clot, fop, gigolo, hare-brained hillbilly, ninny, scumbag, sucker, thug, dimwit, tripe and drivel, and barnyard bullies.

    Greybeard is mearly carrying on the traditions


  8. Oh, way bother, Jenni? It is like you and I arguing to an Armenian that the best Kufteh in the world is in our small American town. I mean, as if. We may like what we are familiar with, but, really, what do we know from kufteh?


  9. Barnes – Your tradition of political invective is nothing compared to the restrained nastiness of the British. I was watching Question Hour on the telly and heard this guy get up and basically say “My learned colleague, the right honorable representative from Hampshire, sleeps with goats (reaching into coat pocket) I have some pictures here….”

    It was so polite, and so vicious. I loved it.


  10. “sleeps with goats”

    so conservative politician then.


  11. Clearly.

    My favourite of recent times was Mark Latham, describing the Liberals under John Howard as a “conga-line of suckholes”. It’s not mannered, no — but it’s quite beautiful in an elementally evocative way.

    I’m impressed, Paul, that you got “vulgarian” and “snob” in the same broadside. That’s quite a broad brush the beardmeister’s wielding.

    PS: Khofta is fantastic. My current favourite involves basil, fennel, onion, garlic, pepper, and salt to taste. Plus lamb mince, naturally.


  12. In n Out is ok. I think Carls Jr. is pretty good. Made fresh.


  13. Barnes – Yes. Conservative. How did you know?

    Flint – My first step-father was Armenian. I vividly and fondly remember dinner every single Sunday at his parents’ home where the whole extended Armenian family would have sit down together at a really, really long table and enjoy the best damned meal of the week. Khofta (as you spell it) was commonly featured. Damn, do I miss all of that. I haven’t had decent Armenian food since my very brief time in Soviet Armenia.


  14. cugat?


  15. My Dear Mr Boylan,

    Since that outburst of wholly unjustified opprobrium, I have come to realise that you are indeed a Gentleman and a Scholar – and there aren’t many of us left. Pray accept my deepest apologies. (Also for the Turkish Eunuch comment. And . . . well, all of them). And I do have a blog – now reactivated – at Greybeard’s Grumbling. My sole talent.


  16. Hell no.


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