THE PARENT FILES: First stop – Ireland

Okay, so here is the plan for Ireland:

Arrive in Dublin.  Take the train to Galway.  Rent a car.  Give my talk at the university.  Eat and drink with friends.  See the Cliffs of Moher.  Drive east to Blarney.  Kiss the stone.  Drive to Newgrange.  See the ruins.  Drive to Drogheda.  See the ancestral graves.  Eat and drink with friends and relatives.  View Saint Oliver’s head.  Drive to Dublin.  Eat and drink with friends.  See the Book of Kells.  See the mummies at St. Michan’s – touch the Crusader’s hand.  Drop off car at port.  Take the ferry to Holyhead, Wales, on Anglesey, the Holy Isle.

My son has never had a beer that he hasn’t had to steal from the ‘frig and drink in secret.  It is only fitting that he have his first in Ireland.  With God as my witness, it is going to be a Guinness and he is going to choke it down like I did when I was his age.  Rite of passage, nicht war?


15 Responses to “THE PARENT FILES: First stop – Ireland”

  1. Its a good itenery and if its Guinness to drink I’d recommend doing it at the bar at the top of the Guinness plant in Dublin, magnificent view.
    Though I think you should try to squeeze in more drinking during the trip


  2. yuri_nahl Says:

    Comrade, I hope you and your son have a great trip. That’s a swell thing to do for the lad. Good for both of you I should say. Good luck, have fun.


  3. That sounds great. I’m just curious – Are there any ‘open days’ or do you plan down to the hour? I tend to plan two days, leave one open.


  4. Guinness as beer #1 might be a tad optimistic, but hell, it’s all a learning experience. And if he blanches, there’s always Kilkenny. This is stand-up fatherhood btw PNB. Excellent work.


  5. That’s a fine itinerary, brings back some great memories. I heartily approve of the Guinness concept, well done sir!


  6. Ummm … about that blarney stone … the locals pee on it. Just sayin’ is all.

    I work with some younger Irish guys in Dublin and Belfast so if you need a local guide that is near your son’s age just let me know.



  7. wildwesty Says:

    Pity you’re not passing through Frankfurt, I would have enjoyed being your tour guide!

    I’ve been in Europe 40 years now and haven’t made it to Ireland yet… sad but true. 😦


  8. If you have the time when heading down from the Cliffs of Moher, consider checking out Skellig Michael. One of the strangest and fantastic places I have seen.

    Enjoy the trip


  9. yuri_nahl Says:



  10. yuri_nahl Says:

    If you take a leak on the Blarney Stone ,make sure nobody is giving it a kiss from underneath.


  11. bondiboy66 Says:

    Yeah ease the lad into it via Kilkenny. Which I rather like on tap by the way. By ”ease” I could mean ”get him pissed out of his mind”. If he’s a lightweight 3 pints ought to do it. He’ll love you for it – especially the next day.


  12. PNB, DrY and others interested-

    Well, I shouldn’t *presume* you will be interested to hear this, but an Irish friend of mine loves Newcastle Ale. He really really loves it: does that mean its worth trying? I don’t know but I trust his tastes in all things , so perhaps yes. 🙂


  13. paulboylan Says:

    Barnes – I don’t imagine my son will be willing to wait until we have timne to tour the brewery in Dublin. And I do intend on doing a bit more drinking.

    YB – Our schedule is going to be very loose, but based on firm dates I am scheduled to speak. How we get from point A to point B to C and D is completely flexible.

    Yobbo, Therbs , Bondi, Abigail – I must insist on Guinness because that is what happened to me. I was 18 in a pub in Earls Court and was an alcoholic beverage virgin. I picked Guinness because, as an Irish American I’d hear the name many times. I had no idea what an ordeal that first pint would be. The second and third went down much easier. My Wanderjahr separated me from the culture that spawned me. That first pint was a turning point for me. I know I cannot duplicate the affect. My son isn’t quiet as inexperienced as I was at that time, but I want his experience to be as close to mine as possible. It will forever separate him from those who enjoy American piss water, as it did me.

    Rhino – Of course they piss on the stone. Where else do you think it derives it’s magic from? I may take you up on your offer re: Dublin contacts.

    Yuri – Good advice. Forewarned is forearmed.

    Westy – I will make it to Frankfurt eventually and we will most definitely dine on grilled sausage with mustard and beer and bread – another habit I developed during my Wanderjahr.

    GT – Thanks for the tip. Skellig Michael it shall be.


  14. yuri_nahl Says:

    Comrade Abigail, hi.


  15. Excellent plans and an awesome example of fatherhood. We sent our son to Germany for a part school, part holiday trip at a similar point in his life. Wish I could have been there. He told us that he was a legal drinker there and started with? Guinness of course. Sent photos and all, even of Yolanda and Trudi though he assured us that he didn’t open the door when they asked to come out and play. And I believe him. May you both have a fantastic trip.


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