Can a cat collapse a wave function?



Of course they can. Absolutely. Anyone who believes otherwise has never known a cat.



5 Responses to “Can a cat collapse a wave function?”

  1. Cats are evil (axiomatic). They also use our computers when unobserved – how many times have you seen cats on keyboards trying to look nonchalant? I suspect that like Pratchett’s camels (see Pyramids) they are secretly mathematical geniuses. Ergo, they can probably collapse a wave function as easily as shedding on your best suit. I further posit that (a) Schrodinger may have got the idea from his cat in the first place, or, (b) That the whole experiment was no more than a futile attempt by Schrodinger to poison the cat. I may expand on these theories at a later time but I think my cat is getting suspi


  2. I thought cats didn’t like the surf?


  3. Meow, bitches.


  4. Only if it can haz cheezburger.


  5. Collapse, shred, spindle, mutilate and all around wreak havoc on wave functions if my experience is any guide.


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