HEADLINE – France Declares War on al-Qaida After Aid Worker Beheaded


PARIS (July 27) — France has declared war on al-Qaida, and matched its fighting words with a first attack on a base camp of the terror network’s North African branch, after the terror network killed a French humanitarian worker it took hostage in April.”


When The French pointed out the idiocy of American plans to invade Iraq, Republican lawmakers attempted to shame them by referring to them as part of “Old Europe,”calling them “cheese eating surrender monkeys,” and renaming French fries “freedom fries.”

If you are one of those who partook in such jingoistic name calling, then you don’t really know the French. Not like I do.  The French can be, and often have been, utterly ruthless.  You probably don’t know the French tradition of  French crime suspects “accidentally” falling to their deaths from the top of French police stations, so quaintly referred to as “hotels.”

Those Islamo-fascist Somali idiots have no idea the grief they brought down upon heads when they murdered that poor elderly French charity worker who’s only crime was trying to build a hospital.

Le mort d’en haute.

Nothing but praise for our French brothers in arms.



12 Responses to “HEADLINE – France Declares War on al-Qaida After Aid Worker Beheaded”

  1. Really, the French.

    Other than giving Algerians a hard time I never new they could be so ruthless.

    Must revise my opinions.

    The French? Really.


  2. Welcome to the party, France. Try the punch, it’s delish.


  3. 10 bucks says it’ll the beheading will be sold to the middle east by all the beardy nutters as a CIA backed action to get France involved. Like how all the suicide bombings in Baghdad are sold that way.


  4. France’s history since World War 2 suggests that they don’t go in easily but when they do they take it seriously. They’re part of the war in Afghanistan and have been active in Africa (Chad, Ivory Coast). The Legion isn’t just there for show and will act decisively if let off the leash.


  5. The future of news – this story broke for me via my blog link to your blog.


  6. They’ll be sweet, so long as Al Qaeda turn out to be a Portuguese cameraman on a Greenpeace sailing boat in a New Zealand harbour.


  7. Didn’t the French retask the SS to Vietnam?


  8. bondiboy66 Says:

    Future of news YB? I first heard of this (the French thing) on a motorcycling forum!


  9. […] HEADLINE – France Declares War on al-Qaida After Aid Worker … […]


  10. We shall see. I’m just trying to figure out if there will ever be peace or definition of victory. I do not see this battle ending in the next 500 years.


  11. It’s not the French that most people take exception to … it is Parisians.

    The only thing wrong with Paris?
    The Parisians.

    When you get out into the countryside … different story completely.


  12. I keep recalling a speech by Chirac at the main Force du Frappe sub base hwere he basically said that the Fifth Republic would nuke anyone who used or threatened to use a wmd against them.

    Have a soft spot for the french, I learnt some very good life lessons during my various times there.

    Rhino, the people of the Departments distrust the Parisiennes, the Parisienes dislike the people of the departments. The occupiers of the 16th Arrondisment hate everyone!


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