On the cover of the Rolling Stone….


Well, not quite. But in my little part of the world, this is the closest equivalent.

The Cover

h The Article  t1 


To my fellow Burgers: feel free to flood the comments section at the bottom of the article with true – or false – testimonials singing my praise.



18 Responses to “On the cover of the Rolling Stone….”

  1. And . . . done! That’ll cost you a Glenmorangie, even if it was simply the truth.


  2. This is awesome!!!


  3. yuri_nahl Says:

    Comrade, Please to inform us we shall not be addressing you as “Your Majesty”! Well done, well deserved!


  4. Dr. Boylan … lookin’ awesome. Will comment.

    Is this a public record?

    Hmmm … will need to edit accordingly. I mean, telling the world that you always treat the sheep humanely could be taken a couple of ways.



  5. Great writeup mate. The part about it being fun to create attitude adjustments… yup that sounded like you.


  6. I commented, but couldn’t see the comment page.


  7. paulboylan Says:

    Bart – I just took a look and couldn’t access comments either. I’ll call the editor tomorrow and see what is up.


  8. That was some fine write-up. Yep, I lodged a comment and now you have to guess which one is mine.
    I was hoping for Shakira, Beyonce or Megan Fox on the cover but instead we got Jerry Garcia and Robert Downey Jnr with a goatee.


  9. paulboylan Says:

    I was going for a Tony Stark look. It didn’t work out as well as I would have hoped.

    BTW, the comments section is now viewable. Only six Burgers? Sheesh…


  10. Disappointed – I expected some sort pimp-like sharp zoot-suited California lawyer like the attorney in a bad movie, instead you looked like you would fit right in the legal district over here in your black suit. The little beard did look suitably evil though…


  11. @Guru Bob … Little beard? I didn’t know that Herr Doktor Boylan was gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    @Herr Doktor Boylan … If that is the case, do you know Tom Cruise?

    Actually, I think the reason for the beard was that the pic was teh “Mirror Universe” Boylan that does the opposite of our world’s Boylan … which explains a lawyer doing good deeds.

    Yeah, I’ll go with that one.


  12. paulboylan Says:

    First, define “gay.”

    Second, I intended on wearing one of my pimp-like very stylish zoot-suits but they are all being dry cleaned.

    Third, ya got me, Rhino. I am, indeed, from an evil mirror universe (the goatee does give me away) where, paradoxically, all attorneys are honest, forthright and fight for justice.

    They are also, consequently, poor – which is why I am here. A little evil goes a long way in this universe, whereas, in an evil universe, evil is the norm and provides no real advantage.


  13. bondiboy66 Says:

    Please excuse the lateness of my reply. Errr…comment. Anyway, I wrote something. And it wasn’t derogatory either. Although I did consider my favourite lawyer joke, to wit:
    What black and brown, and looks good on a lawyer?
    A doberman!

    Thank you folks, I’m here all week. Try the veal!

    Ok, seriously though, twas a good article Prof.. You are fighting the good fight there.


  14. paulboylan Says:

    Like I’ve never heard that lawyer joke before…

    My personal favorite is:

    Q: Why don’t sharks eat lawyers?
    A: Professional courtesy.


  15. Good write up (should that be right?). I hope you’re not in any danger from giving lawyers a good name.


  16. How does anyone know any of this is true? How do we know that is really him and not someone pretending to be him? I say it is all part of a big fat hoax. There aren’t any attorneys or small town investigative journalists like that. There just aren’t.


  17. As a recalcitrant bureaucrat I resent your inrtusion in my cosseted exsistance. If I wish to be petty, venal and inconsistant then surely that is my right as a public servant.
    It’s the likes of you and your “daylight” wielding pal that make my extended lunch / morning tea / afternoon tea / elevenses / professional development / Time Off In Lieu / breaks unpalatable. Transperancy is all well & good for windows but not for the arcane workings of government.


  18. bondiboy66 Says:

    Yeah NBob! Testify brother! We public servants don’t need no steenkin’ intrusions into our bureaucratic existence, and all it’s perks!


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