HEADLINE: Fracking chemicals in NE Pa. water wells


CHICAGO – A recent study concludes that much of Pennsylvania’s ground water is contaminated with toxic chemicals.

“Our fracking water is full of fracking toxic chemicals,” said Julius Zimmer, rural Pennsylvanian farmer.  “We are all totally fracked,” he added.

“Yeah, we are fracked,” agreed Henry Clompton, homeowner and member of the Pennsylvanian Green Party. “But it is the fracking fault of the fracking chemical companies. They totally fracked up.”

“I’m fracked?” asked Ted Pimple, Director of Public Relation at Uranus Corporation. “No, you’re fracked,” he said, poking his finger at this reporter.

“I’m not fracked,” corrected Zimmer. “That jerk is the one who is fracked. He is totally fracked up.”

“Is “fracked” code for “f**ked?” asked Linda Penter, Chairman of the Polite American Foundation, a non profit corporation. “Frack” certainly sounds like “f**k” when used in most contexts,” Penter observed politely.



Source: http://news.yahoo.com/fracking-




5 Responses to “HEADLINE: Fracking chemicals in NE Pa. water wells”

  1. Frak!


  2. I know… I think exactly the same thing every time I hear that word.


  3. This really fracked me up.


  4. Frell.


  5. I bet the problem is especially prevalent in scenic Frackville, PA. I’ll remember not to drink the frackin water next time I’m through that way.


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