THIRTY-FIVE people just used google to translate my blog into German:

Überraschen! Unglaublich! Wunderbar! Es macht mich fühle wie ein kleines mädchen.

I hope it isn’t these people:

Studious and thoughtful Germans.


23 Responses to “MY BLOG IN GERMAN!!”

  1. My german is also quite awful. Three years at school is just enough to just follow simple conversation. Sometime. Very simple.

  2. I took German for a couple of years about 40 years ago. Ich spreche nicht Deutsches.

  3. Does latin count?

  4. Of course it counts. Cognito, ergo pecunia.

  5. Achtung! Spitfuer! Gott in Himmel! Britischer Schwein! Ein bier bitter. You Dumkopf Schultz!
    Aaiiiieeee!!!! Americana mit panzer!!!!

  6. Hey Therbs! You learnt German from the same source as me i.e. crappy old war movies and Commando comics.

    Hande hoch Britisher schweinhund!

  7. Great breasts transcend language, even if its German.

  8. I vos flien to Germany vunce. Der Dumkoff flien der fliegenvagon krashen. I vos schreemen unt spitten! Nein more fliegenvagons – nix time I take da voltzVagon (mit der vire veels, unt da traler).

  9. After the picture of the blonde I’m joining Kennedy on the Ich bin ein Berliner thing too.

  10. “Ich Bin ein Berliner” means “I am a donut.” It is right up there with “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” and when Jimmy Carter’s Polish translator told a Polish crowd that Carter was sexually aroused by each of them.

  11. A jam filled donut at that. Cyril’s Deli in Haymarket, Sydney sells great examples of those tasty little beauties.

  12. there’s a great book out, well two actually, called “English for Runaways”… it takes German phrases and translate them into English literally. Very funny sometimes.

    (titel: “English for Runaways”= Englisch für Fortgeschrittene)

  13. P.S. I remember that you recommened Zinfandel wine to me once. Well, a local supermarket just had some California Zinfandel wine (Eagle Canyon) on sale so I bought 3 bottles. I’ll think of you when I drink it, as I did when I saw the ad!

  14. Hi, Westy!

    I certainly hope the wine is good. I’ve never heard of Eagle Canyon.

    Let it breathe a bit and have some dark chocolate to nibble between sips.

  15. chocolate between sips? I usually prefer something salty like chips or pretzles… sweets and wine just don’t seem to match to me. But I’ll try (almost) anything!

  16. Dark chocolate. If it is dark enough, it really isn’t that sweet. I suggest it, not because you will enjoy it, but because Californians enjoy it, and I want people to know how we live, which is unique, even if a bit barbaric.

    Do let me know how it goes.

  17. Not sure if you remember, but I grew up in California… San Diego to be exact. Now I’m living in Germany, with sooooo many types of wine to try!

    I will let you know how I like it…….

  18. Hallo, schöner Beitrag, der RSS Hyperlink funzt leider weniger, trotzdem super Seite!

  19. Ich meine, wir haben uns schon einmalvor etlichen Monaten kennengelernt. Du kommst aus München oder?

  20. I travel to Munchen every chance I get. Why do you ask?

  21. Hallo ! Dies ist eine Art off topic , aber ich brauche ein paar Ratschläge von einem etablierten Blog. Ist es sehr schwierig, Ihr eigenes Blog ? Ich bin nicht sehr techincal aber ich kann die Dinge ziemlich schnell herausfinden . Ich bin über das Einrichten von meinem eigenen Denken , aber ich bin nicht sicher, wo ich anfangen soll . Haben Sie Tipps oder Anregungen ? Danke реклама в интернет

  22. Ja.
    Dies ist mein Rat: Finger weg vom Internet. Sie werden glücklicher, gesünder und wohlhabender sein.

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