Now for something completely different.


I just got deluged with email critical of my last blog post, perceived by a great many to be snidely critical of the American President.



So instead, here is a picture of an angry stoat.



Makes you wonder why anyone would want one for a pet.



Although they can look cute, huh?



But don’t piss them off.



8 Responses to “Now for something completely different.”

  1. are you sure its a stoat?

  2. FKN stoats. Kill em.

  3. This isn’t completely different, it’s stoatally different.

  4. Ahh but is it a rabid stoat?? Or a rampaging stoat??

  5. Some friends of the family had a pet ferret. Ok, it’s not a stoat, but it’s close. It was quite nice, even if it had a tendency to climb up your pants legs…on the inside. And not very bitey. Did’nt even smell as it had a bath each night (jumped in the bath after the husband had finished his ablutions).

  6. BB – my ferret has no nose.
    How does it smell?
    – terrible

    I’ll get me coat.

  7. Boom tish! He’s here all week folks! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

  8. Stoatally different. Now that’s punny.

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