Tonight my wife and I drove to the Sacramento Airport to meet our son as he arrived from a flight originating from Salt Lake City.  He has been gone – attending university in Montana – for the last three months.  We waited at the bottom of the escalator that arriving passengers use to come down from the main terminal to the luggage retrieval area.  And suddenly there he was – looking so different, yet still our son.  Coming home for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Oh, my son, what time and distance have wrought – more a man than a boy than ever before. So proud. So pleased. So happy that you are home again.

3 Responses to “THE PARENT FILES: Coming Home”

  1. Big thumbs up. It’s a wonderful thing seeing your offspring after a long break.


  2. Yes, it is. Quite magical, really.


  3. Good stuff.
    At least he didn’t have the trip home a la Trains Planes and Autombiles.


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