WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Nietzsche Family Circus

I don’t know if this is taking place in any other part of the world, but here in the U.S. of A. virtually every newspaper has featured a daily cartoon entitled “the Family Circus.”  Here is an example:

I hate this cartoon strip.  Please note that I am using the word “hate” in reference to the Family Circus cartoon series.  First, it isn’t funny.  At most, it is merely cute, and cuteness doesn’t sustain any meaningful interest. Second, and more importantly,  the  Family Circus cartoon series represents – and works to reinforce and therefore perpetuate – just about every evil that slowly works to subvert American greatness.  The cartoon strip champions mediocrity.  It laughs at – and accepts – idiocy in thought, attitude and behavior.

The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs randomized Family Circus cartoons with randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quotes, and by doing so, not only is wonderful parody but brilliant and piercing satire, e.g. –

Man is something to be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?

And, from my very limited and idiosyncratic viewpoint, the random parings are also very dada, which, for me, provides added value and elevates the Nietzche Family Circus to art.

Please enjoy:

And, as a bonus for my mate, Flinthart, here is a Family Circus cartoon quoting H.P. Lovecraft:


19 Responses to “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Nietzsche Family Circus”

  1. Nice. So many possibilities with all the crap cartoons out there.
    Flintharts’ modified Fred Bassett was a great example too.
    I think you may have inspired me Paul!


  2. Magnificent, and thank you for the link.

    We too in Australia receive the hyper banal ‘Family Circus’ in Australia. But what I truly fear is that Hollywood makes a live action family circus movie for that would be the end of civlization.


  3. Thank you for the bonus, Paul. I did know of the Nietszche version already, and have livened many a grim moment with its random wit. But Cthulhu Family Circus is… niiiice.


  4. Very clever.

    Over here there is a radio show called Hamish and Andy. Hamish is pretty funny; you could probably listen to them via podcast of some kind if you ever got interested enough. They’re hardly subversive, working for a commercial toe-the-line radio station; not to mention they rave on and on about their girlfriends and so on, but anyway Hamish can be very quick witted.
    Anyway, part of the schtick is that Hamish reads the Fred Bassett cartoon strip without changing the lines; it really works!
    Yes Family Cirlce is…what is the point? ; that one, Fred Bassett & Andy Capp , if they were the only cartoon strips we had I seriously think crimes of passion would go through the roof. Abigail


  5. Here you go, try some Wondermark if you feel like it. I find this cartoon strip, well I won’t overstate it, just…. I like it:


  6. If only we could all live in the world of The Phantom or Torkan *sigh*


  7. Ah yes, the mooted Family Circle movie…it will replace waterboarding as the torture implement of choice for many government agencies I reckon.


  8. They’re not making a movie. They couldn’t. That much small-minded banality would surely melt down any cinematic equipment they tried to use!


  9. Oops Family Circus…I regret to inform you Flint that the rumours may yet prove true. This URL may shed light on the subject – and the comments make interesting reading


  10. They could make a movie of it, they MUST make a movie of it. I’d actually love to see the movie of Family Circle. The hilarity would be overwhelming. I think Adam Sandler should write it and Sting should do the soundtrack, just to keep it ‘on message’.


  11. Of all the banal, humourless comic strips in the world, Family Circus comes a poor second to Donald Duck. Which just goes to show, mediocrity is alive and well, and keeping some drug-addled monkey in employment. It sucks. I’m mediocre. I’m not funny. Why can’t I get a job creating crap comics?


  12. paulboylan Says:

    How hard have you tried?


  13. Anonymous Says:

    One word: “Marmaduke.” Marmaduke makes Family Circus look almost like Calvin and Hobbes by comparison.


  14. paulboylan Says:

    I vehemently disagree.


  15. “They’re not making a movie. They couldn’t.”

    FH, it’s Hollywood! It is what they do!


  16. Says a member of the landed gentry.

    What do you know of Hollywood?


  17. Bil Keane, the creator of Family Circus, died recently. He was a passable cartoonist, but this strip is and always has been an abomination. Unfortunately, his offspring are continuing the effort. The Nietzschian twist on this awful strip is an outstanding commentary at many levels. I’ve seen some other satires of Family Circus, but here’s one of mine . Nice blog.


  18. Thanks for the compliment. I love thisdogslife.


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