The Most Adorable Little Girl on Earth


Click on the link. You’ll be glad you did.


Cute Story

Watching this made me realize that the Brothers Grimm didn’t just write well, they listened very, very well first.


5 Responses to “The Most Adorable Little Girl on Earth”

  1. I certainly hope I don’t get chicken box


  2. As a reader of the Brothers in my childhood I had to wonder when the story began with Winnie and Tigger. But what an enchanting story, all that and a happy ending to boot.


  3. Very cool. Spontaneous, original and with Potomas’ too! Oh such a story!


  4. I wish I could write like that!


  5. That is what I thought when I first listened to her.

    And her French was just such a delight to listen to for the very same reasons her story was so wonderful.


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