‘Tis the Season


Many Americans shop for Christmas gifts using catalogues. At this time of year, my home mail box is stuffed-full with catalogues and brochures trying to sell me everything and anything.

And I do mean anything.  Here is one my wife pointed out today:

I would never buy this item. Ever. But the catalogue producers think someone will rush to get theirs before they are all gone, and I bet they have thousands of units on hand to meet the expected demand for vodka shot glasses featuring the pictures of four Russian leaders – and not even the most interesting ones.  I might think twice if I saw an advert for vodka shot glasses featuring the faces of Czar Nicholas, Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin. Now those are vodka shot glasses I can appreciate, and I don’t even like vodka, but I would be too frightened not to drink it. But the glasses offered just don’t create any impulse for me to part with my hard earned cash. The thought of drinking out of a Boris Yeltsin glass actually makes me slightly nauseous.

When  I review catalogues featuring Christmas shlok I also am always on the look-out for the inevitable attempt to sell something via an inappropriate visual mechanism.  And today I wasn’t disappointed.  In a different catalogue I found an add for an “Tickle Me Elmo Extreme.”

Everyone knows what Elmo is: it is a cute doll with an infantile personality. Most recently, the “Tickle Me Elmo” version was a huge commercial success.

That version giggled with you tickled it.  How very cute.

But what on earth could be “extreme” about Elmo?  Take a look at the advertisement and see if you can’t determine the audience it is targeting and the prurient interest it is seeking to exploit for monetary profit:


Apparently, the “tickle me” theme has taken an extreme and somewhat dark detour.

Extreme tickle, indeed.


7 Responses to “‘Tis the Season”

  1. I can’t quite figure out what you are talking about. And I don’t like guessing. And I think I just guessed. And a Breville multi reach massager is cheaper, and has a two year factory warranty. Maybe if you combined the vodka shot glasses and the toy? “Tickle Me Putin” has a certain ring to it…


  2. “Tickle Me Putin” I love it! I want one!


  3. I wanna get some historical German beer steins. Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess. But not Goering. Definitely not Goering.


  4. Why not Goering? Der Dicke would look great on a beer stein!

    Curiosly, I like the vodka glasses….A fellow I know has made some tshirts featurfing Putin carrying an assault rifle, wearing camouflage and with the ‘words “I love the nature” emplazoned thereon. I’d like one of those too.


  5. You blokes spoil me. You really do. The idea of Nazi leader beer steins puts the whole Russian leader vodka shot glasses into beautifully comic perspective.

    I would emigrate if I could make a living there. And if my wife would let me.


  6. STrikert009 Says:

    That’s totally disgusting. They should be totally ashamed of themselves.


  7. Paul, no-one “makes a living” as such over here. Its to do with convict blood being pooled to develop cultural traditions and national characteristics. Come over by all means but I promise your pockets will be empty when you flee home. Just look what happened to Oprah and her friends. But then if you wear clothes with no pockets you should be fine. Oops, I shouldn’t have let that little secret escape.


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