Christmas Themed Website of the Week (must see)


This is an example of why I adore the internet.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


5 Responses to “Christmas Themed Website of the Week (must see)”

  1. Can’t breathe, ..too much laughing.

    Kenny Loggins…

    reduced to laughing everytime someone says Kenny Loggins.

    It certainly justifies the existence of the internet.

    That and lesbian schoolgirl porn.


  2. I want to hire this young lady to write my Blunty and Geek comments.

    And I want her to be famous. She is hilarious. If not for the internet, she would likely never have obtained an audience.


  3. A perfect example of why parents should ruthlessly crush any sign of creativity in their spawn. If only I had known . . .


  4. “They laughed and laughed until I thought they were going to asphyxiate on their own wretched spittle.”


  5. I am sorry to say this will have to wait. I had just gotten started and the kiddoes came in said, “There’s a new hyperboleandahalf? Come on we have to make the candy”

    So a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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