The Curmudgeon and the Elf

She decided it was a fine idea to play Uncle Paul’s bald head like a bongo drum.

Apparently there is a vid of it.  That vid will never see the light of day.

6 Responses to “The Curmudgeon and the Elf”

  1. Did it make a satisfactory hollow ‘boop-boppi-boop’ noise?


  2. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might encourage it to happen again.


  3. What drum say? Hmmmm. Big trouble in land of unlimited smelly bowling shoes. Must go now, hurry.


  4. Oh, the video must be found. I bet the curmudgeon didn’t last but a couple seconds before melting into the spirit of the moment.


  5. btw-nice phone


  6. too cute!!


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