HEADLINE – Fewer journalists killed in 2010

MOSCOW –  2010 saw a sharp drop in the number of journalists murdered or who disappeared without a trace.

“We’ll try to do better next year,” said ‘Boris’ a shadowy, lurking figure.


Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=132466499

8 Responses to “HEADLINE – Fewer journalists killed in 2010”

  1. Setting a target is a huge mistake. Our state government promised “only 300 road fatalities in 2010”. By Dec 30th we’d had 291 so the Premier had to take out the official Holden ute and make up the difference. Thank heavens for NYE drunks – poor evasion techniques.


  2. The stats are deceptive. All journos now carry iPhones and the like contain GPS tracking so when they do disappear, they do leave a trace. these phones also allow journalists to access porn videos on the internet. There is a huge correlation between the rate of porn watching and journalists disappearing. Boris is actually a smuggler of Ukrainian girls tpo the Russian porn industry. His reasoning is that if tere’s more porn on the internet then there’s a greater chance of nabbing sexually exhausted journalists and making them disappear.


  3. I think what was most alarming in the link was the statement

    ” criminals and traffickers have become a greater threat to journalists”

    This implies there is a market for second hand journalists, what is the going rate I wonder.


  4. I know JB isn’t really a journalist, and he’s worse than second hand but do you think we’d get anything for him? Just to help with the post-Xmas bills.


  5. Jyggdrasil Says:

    I am sure he watches a lot of porn on his iPhone. Does that help the price?


  6. I don’t think so, Jyggdrasil. JB likes tentacle porn, and I don’t think Russian girls have tentacles. But I could be wrong.


  7. I hope so Catty. A man needs his dreams.


  8. paulboylan Says:

    Hey! When did this blog become a “bash Birmingham” forum?

    I very much approve, but I am afraid I missed some of the bashing…


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