HEADLINE – Embalmed head of France’s King Henri IV found

Henry IV of France

LONDON (Reuters) – The mummified head of King Henry IV has been found. Pulled from the attic of a retired tax collector, the head has been positively identified by scientists using state-of-the-art technology to determine its identity. The king was assassinated 400 years ago after proclaiming religious freedom for Muslims in France.

“I do not need to tell you how much of a surprise this is,” said Ernie Le Plume, curator of the King Henry IV Museum in Paris.  “Now all we have to do is figure out whose head is on top of the body we have on display here in the museum,” Le Plume said.

Known as the Good King or Green Gallant, Henry brought the end to the French Wars of Religion by signing an edict declaring freedom of religion in France in 1598. He was assassinated by a fanatical Catholic, François Ravaillac, in May of 1610.

Le Plume said that no plans  are being made to reunite King Henry’s head with his body. “The whole thing has us sort of creeped out,” Le Plume said.



3 Responses to “HEADLINE – Embalmed head of France’s King Henri IV found”

  1. A note in the latest pamphlet of the “Ravaillac’s Revenege” group says,
    “Henry IV’s head is a symbol of the downfall of French civilisation. We say ‘pah!’. If any attempt is made to reinstate his rancid, liberal, terrorist-sympathising noggin we will cut it off, toute suite. And then we shall blow it up in an explosion which will eclipse even his gigantic, lunatic ego. When that happens it will be croissants avec jambon et fromage for everyone! Donations welcome. p.s. Wednesday’s wine and cheese fund raiser has been postponed due to the Asian Cup football and congtatulations to Filthy Pierre for winning the lucky door prize at the karaoke night. Your Barry Manilow album is in the mail.”


  2. Thank God they have no plans to reunite the head and body! Look at him. Don’t they know that if the severed parts are ever reunited he will rise as a right royal french zombie-king? Merciless, unstoppable – a plague upon the earth and bringer of death to millions?


  3. Good point.


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