HEADLINE – Chavez says he won’t give up decree powers

"You're thinking of the number 7..."

MUNCIE, Indiana – Venezuela strong man Hugo Chavez said yesterday he will not give up his decree powers.

“Under no circumstances will I even consider giving up my decree powers,” Chavez said.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110121/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/lt_venezuela_chavez;_ylt=ArnyDzHwkaiTMb8aNJzTbmOs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFicjRrbzNkBHBvcwM1NQRzZWMDYWNjb3JkaW9uX3dvcmxkBHNsawNjaGF2ZXpzYXlzaGU-


8 Responses to “HEADLINE – Chavez says he won’t give up decree powers”

  1. In that case I’ll never give up my powers of subjugation and negligence. And that little one called farnarkling. I may give up the smashing-rootingcockraoches-with-a-thong power tomorrow when I get new cockroach baits. nb – thongs mean those rubber sandals called flip flops by Poms, jandals by those cockamamie Kiwis and fuck knows what you Seppos call them.


  2. I’m not entirely sure what “decree powers” are, but if they are anything like my super powers (x-ray vision and invulnerability to everything except the color yellow) then I wouldn’t give them up either.

    And I think we call those things “crocks” but I was wondering what you were talking about the moment I read the word “thong.” The image was most unpleasant and not erotic in any reasonably, rational manner of speaking.


  3. And I am sick and tired of being called a Seppo, whether you capitalize the word or not, it is an insult – and it really doesn’t apply in my case. I may be American, but I am hardly a seppo.

    From now on I want my own classification. Henceforth, refer to me as the “Zippo.” Or “Zeppo.” Either one will do.


  4. Zeppo was way better looking. How about Gummo? Nah, too boring. Zippo? Reminds me of ‘Nam, can’t do that. Zippy! Yow, are we having fun yet?

    (mutters) – fucking sensitive seppos. Can’t take a fkn joke, get all narky, rzznfzznrzznn…why I’ll show them…fknnrzfkrrsnzzzfknrzznfknfknrzn..


  5. Hey, hey.. simmer down, Assie scum. I can take a joke. But I have to understand the joke first – which is a serious limit to my capacity to take a joke.

    Zippo, Not Zippy. I an no FKN pinhead.



  6. But Zippy was hella cool and way funny.
    I think I’d better go back to my desk and toy with a few misapprehensions.
    My mind is a potato field.


  7. Potatoes are good.


  8. Seppo, short for Septic Tank i.e. rhyming slang for a Yank…that is an American.

    I trust this has been of assistance to you.

    Zippy was cool – after my old Zippy Tshirt died circa 1990 I noted the screen printed picture was still intact (even if the shirt was mor hole than shirt) so I sewed it onto the back of an old jacket….which is falling aprt now. I guess the design will migrate again. Pinheads are hard to eradicate. Like bedbugs.


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