HEADLINE – Accidental Falls a Leading Cause of Head Injury

MUNCIE – About 2.8 million children and 2 million people aged 65 and older are treated each year at U.S. hospital emergency rooms for head injuries due to accidental falls, says the Open Head Wound Institute (OWHI) located in Muncie, Indiana.

“That accounts for 15% of all head wounds,” says Dr. Krista Schnurstein, Director of OWHI’s Open Head Wound Research and Development Department. “The other 85% of head wound incidents are attributed to angry wives,” Schnurstein continues.

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/accidentalfalls-


12 Responses to “HEADLINE – Accidental Falls a Leading Cause of Head Injury”

  1. STrikert009 Says:

    That isn’t funny. I come here because you are funny. That wasn’t funny.


  2. Yeah, we pay good money for this and want more blood. And cartoons. Or cartoons about blood. Or jokes about blood like we used to see on The Addams Family. I’m laughing to myself at the image of Gomez decapitating Uncle Fester. Now that’s funny.


  3. Clearly you aren’t married, Striker.

    Therbs, I will do my best to include more cartoons. Everybody loves cartoons.


  4. Luckily my wife refrains from beating me about the head. Not that the thought hasn’t crossed her mind I’m sure.

    I have also found that falling drunks tend to use their forehead as a brake, or landing pad. Luckily, I always look for a soft spot when I am pissed out of my tiny little mind. So I just get the dents and contusions without the leaking claret going all over the furniture.


  5. STrikert009 Says:

    What does me being married have to do with it. I’m not married but what of it? I’m talking about you not being funny enough anymore and whether I’ve had a girlfriend or not has nothing to do with it.


  6. HA! I’ll bet…


  7. Don’t be so quick to blame the missus. The ABS states that 5 people a year suffer head injuries by passing out while chundering into the toilet after too many bevvies.

    Now, consider that statistic. Would YOU admit to having done that? For accuracy’s sake, the ABS should state that 5 people a year are stupid enough to tell people that they passed out while puking.

    We wives might be handy with a cast iron frypan, or a rolling pin, but I think a big chunk of that 85% is the result of headbutting the Porcelain Princess.


  8. #STrikert009 – Man, that’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in years.
    Paul – I’ve decided now that cartoons aren’t funny. Someone mentioned Fred Basset this morning and I lost my sense of humour.


  9. STrikert009 Says:

    Yeah well F you man. Its not my fault I’m unlucky with women and you’re wrong about Fred Basset that dog is a hoot. Why can’t this blog be as funny as that dog?


  10. STriker009 – lovin’ your comments. More please.
    As far as Fred Basset’s concerned, my preference is for Fred Gassit.


  11. I value and respect all who visit here, but – and I say this without intending any insult – I’m not sure Striker gets the preference reference, Therbs.

    And this blog IS as funny as that dog. Possibly funnier. At times.


  12. Paul, this blog is way funnier than the Basset. People like Striker just add another touch of comedic frosting, intentional or not.


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