Conversation With My Wife

I’ve been fairly ill, but am now on the mend.  Last night my wife and I were chatting. The conversation drifted, as good conversations always do, and at one point my wife said:

You know you have a problem when you would rather experience rectal bleeding than wake up and go to work in the morning – or at least pause while you weigh the two choices in your mind with your first question being “how much rectal bleeding?”

Can’t argue with that.

God, I love my wife.

12 Responses to “Conversation With My Wife”

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. We need you. In your absence we have been reduced to insulting you behind your back which, sadly, turns out to be less fun than doing it to your face (Internetamalogically speaking). Although you were compared to Mycroft Holmes about a week ago. Or was it Cardinal Richelieu? Some ‘Eminence Gris’ anyway.


  2. Agree with GB. “Fuck knuckling” jokes just AREN’T the same without some sort of retort from you. At the moment, I prefer work over rectal bleeding, so WIN for me.


  3. Good to hear you are on the mend.

    a very wise and witty woman.

    She deserves better 😉


  4. Yes, she does. But please don’t tell her.


  5. Glad that you’re getting better, hope it wasn’t anything too serious. Mrs Boylan appears to be quite smart. You can let her out of the basement now. 🙂


  6. Knowing my luck I could be bleeding from the date and still have to go to work.


  7. Somehow I always knew that this blog would get to this topic. I felt it in my… nevermind.


  8. I think you’ll under estimate the appeal of a good rectal bleed, and overestimate the satisfaction to be gained from work.


  9. Glad you are better Paul, but I did tell you to leave off the tentacle sex for a while didn’t I? ^(;,;)^


  10. I am hopelessly out of my depth here…up to and including tentacle sex…. ( but glad you are doing better and you appreciate the gift of the Mrs B.


  11. Hmmm … I think the question left unsaid is what caused the rectal bleeding in the first place?

    And I agree with all of the above …. glad to hear that you are on the mend. And I already know what your wife thinks of me … so, I’ll just admire her perkiness from afar.


  12. I feel all warm and fuzzy – not due to any good wishes expressed here, but rather, due to an undesirable medication interaction.

    I must correct a misapprehension: My wife is not “Mrs. Boylan.” She never gave up her maiden name. At first, she justified it by claiming that she wanted to keep her last name until her checks, which identified her by her maiden name, ran out.

    They ran out over 20 years ago.

    The Rhino, at the very least, should completely understand.


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