You Gotta Love L.A. – UPDATE

A few days ago I posted this photo (sent to me by my good friend, Joseph) to illustrate the bizarre, delightful, dada quality that so typifies Los Angeles:

I charted it out. I made a seven day – 24 hour AM/PM calendar and blocked out all of the days and times described in each sign, many of them overlapping.

The result can be seen below. The hours you cannot park on that street are the ones that are not blacked out.

Click on the chart for a larger version that is easier to read.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

I love LA. Angelenos are required to think in multiple dimensions.

Sort of like what happens when you try to get around via automobile in Central Paris, France.



5 Responses to “You Gotta Love L.A. – UPDATE”

  1. You can park any day you want if you don’t mind bailing your car out, or you are lucky. But on Tuesday between noon and three odds are against you (well that’s assuming street sweepers are still being paid) and for the other weekdays, your chart appears to be totally correct if it is a school holiday, or you have a district 47 permit. I love all those people who can live in L.A., the insanity is fun to watch from a distance.


  2. “you try to get around via automobile in Central Paris, France”

    You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!


  3. So Angelenos are multidimensional thinkers. I just thought they were nutbags, but your explanation is much more enjoyable. The comparison with that fucking shit fight around L’Arc de Triomphe is apt. Paris would be a great place except for that nonsense. Any place which calls a large glass of beer a formidable is okay by me.


  4. Wasn’t the roundabout in Canberra modelled on the Arc de Triomphe? Or is that just a myth perpetuated to hide the fact that Canberra’s city planners were idiots?


  5. My brain is hurting.


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