HEADLINE – Where next for NASA? Scientists draw up wish list


BILLINGS, MT –  Facing funding cuts, NASA scientists drew up their “wish lists.”

“I want a pony and a monkey and a trip to Disneyland!” said Dr. Herbert Krantz, Project Director for the now cancelled first manned mission to Mars, at a press conference where he revealed his personal wish list.

Virtually all NASA manned and unmanned space missions have been cancelled due to lack of funding.




6 Responses to “HEADLINE – Where next for NASA? Scientists draw up wish list”

  1. When are they going to cancel the war due to lack of funding?

    They should watch out … these people are trained rocket scientists. It doesn’t do to mess with people skilled in the art of controlled explosions.

    They need to take a leaf out of our government’s book and go after people who can’t fight back. Elderly, disabled and children spring to mind.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    I, for one, enjoy making fun of the handicapped.


  3. whereas Avatar II goes into production


  4. paulboylan Says:

    Avatar I was good, though.

    I just realized: the cost of Avatar I would put a deluxe robotic lander on Europa. One that made the perfect cup of coffee.


  5. You know the reason for this? You really wanna know? It was your expose on Alien Space girls. It got the U.S. government thinking that all that NASA really wanted to do was nail space chicks. They thought it was a trivial goal. Good one, Prof.
    Thanks to you mate, we’ll not get to see those alien sheilas. Nor will we see what happens when you blow bubble gum on Mars.
    Thanks a lot.


  6. paulboylan Says:

    Oh my god. What have I done?


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