HEADLINE – Daily activities could trigger an aneurysms


They are the things adults do on any given day: exercise, drink coffee, breathe, stand up, sit down, blink, urinate, scratch, eat.

They can also be the very things that cause a lurking brain aneurysm to rupture.

Researchers at the Institute for the Promotion of Irrational Fears and Anxieties in the Netherlands asked patients with brain aneurysms what they were doing shortly before those weakened and bulging blood vessels burst.

They found relatively mundane things like drinking soda, blowing one’s nose, exercising, drinking coffee, breathing, standing up, sitting down, blinking, urinating, scratching or eating often preceded the rupture.

“Anything can cause bad things,” explains Dr. Tad Greenblat.

Greenblat recommends minimizing your risk of suffering a brain aneurysm by doing nothing. ” Don’t exercise, don’t drink soda, don’t drink coffee, don’t breathe, don’t stand up, don’t sit down, don’t blink, don’t urinate, don’t scratch and most definitely don’t eat. Eating is very dangerous,” Greenblat said moving as little as possible.

“Avoiding an aneurysm may mean dying of starvation, but at least a blood vessel won’t explode in your head,” Greenblat concluded.


Source:  http://www.kob.com/article/stories/html


9 Responses to “HEADLINE – Daily activities could trigger an aneurysms”

  1. You know when you post an exploding head that it will always get two thumbs up from me.

    And thank God you told me about this … I might have had an aneurysm at any moment. I’ll put down some plastic sheeting just in case.


  2. I can’t believe you left out the most common & terrifying cause of aneurysms! CONSTIPATION. Yes, the awful, forehead-sweating, ear-whistling strain of dropping a brick is, quite literally, a killer. But it gets worse. This horror is almost unknown in China, where the communists have enforced a ‘healthy’ high fibre diet for thousands of years, thus advancing their goal of WORLD CONQUEST. America has carelessly allowed a FIBRE GAP to open at the same time as her collective bowels are solidly closed. You know what you must do. Seize the bran supplies that you need from Canada and distribute the precious roughage to your people. Then shit, shit for your country, shit like you’ve never shit before (except that one time in Mexico) and avoid the dreaded aneurysms. God bless you all.


  3. paulboylan Says:

    I read that out loud to my wife. She now refuses to let me travel to Australia.


  4. The Institute for the Promotion of Irrational Fears and Anxieties in the Netherlands – I think that was a coffeeshop I visited once…


  5. paulboylan Says:

    I know that cofeeshop. It is right next to the Hemp Hotel.



  6. Oooooh no! Greybeard, why didn’t you warn me? You KNOW I’ve been taking codeine this week!


  7. Barnesm Says:

    “HEADLINE – Daily activities could trigger an aneurysms only if you are doing them right.

    Besides I don’t get stress in daily life, I’m a carrier.


  8. Do you feel like genetics has dealt you a low blow?


  9. Great post. So great it gave me chills. Really. I’m talking goose bumps up and down my arms. Your post literally got me thinking about opening up my own insurance company. Has anyone here happened upon find a company that insures against everything, like the risk of your baby being born with a freakishly big head? It is simply speaking an innovative marketplace for insurance companies that will insure against the risk of your kid being born with a big head. It is very similar to ebay but it is aimed at businesses. The sign up is free of cost as the platform is in beta version. Do give me a shout if you have some experience with this program. Would be great to hear your thoughts.


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