HEADLINE – Elderly Arab recluse killed in robbery

ISLAMABAD –  A prominent Arab recluse was killed during what appears to be a “home invasion” style robbery.

Witnesses say that a notorious gang that calls itself the SEALs forced their way into the elderly man’s Abbottabad vacation home, killed the home owner and some of his house guests and then ran off with the old man’s computers and extensive collection of personal videos documenting his quite home life.

The SEALs are lead by a Kenyan born warlord rumored to be ruthless and tricky.

Pakistani law enforcement officials are investigating.



6 Responses to “HEADLINE – Elderly Arab recluse killed in robbery”

  1. barnesm Says:

    You’re making one of your little points here aren’t you?


  2. paulboylan Says:

    Yes. So?


  3. Yeah, those Seals are pretty rough customers. But they’re not half as bad as Walruses.


  4. That’s what happens in lawless places like Abbottabad, gangs robbing and killing innocent pensioners and torching helicopters. Probably stole his bus pass as well.


  5. I heard that a swarm of Chinese kids had dismantled that crashed helicopter and dragged all the pieces home within the hour. Then their parents packaged up all the bits and shipped them piecemeal to the Chinese government for analysis. If this is true, we can expect stealth helicopters on eBay within the week. If it’s not true, I might have to stop watching SBS.


  6. You’re right Catty. I used to have a Walrus mustache. You wouldn’t believe the fight that son of a beach put up. It was one of my toughest tusks. I’m here all week folks.


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