HEADLINE – Obama offends carnival barkers

MUNCIE – President Obama lost the support of carnival workers and side-show freaks when he compared them to “birthers” – people demanding the President prove he was born in the United States.

“We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” Obama said after producing a copy of his long-form birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii.

“It was like a slap in the face,” said Vinny Slimp, owner of the Slimp Family Circus.

Vinny Slimp

“The President’s comparison could ruin my business,” said Alberto Baracho, a carnival barker employed by the Ten in One Freak Emporium in Pensicola, Florida. “When people look at me now, they see Donald Trump or Orly Taitz, which could persuade them not to pay money to see the Bearded Lady or the Human Lobster.”

Donald Trump


Orly Taitz


The Bearded Lady


The Human Lobster


“I fully supported Obama in the last election, but that’s over now,” said Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy.


Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy


Source:  http://carnival-barkers-slam-obama html



5 Responses to “HEADLINE – Obama offends carnival barkers”

  1. That’s not Vinnie Slimp. It’s Elton John.


  2. Mi thorts eggzackly.


  3. Fools, Vinny Slimp is Elton John’s real name. In related news, Orly Taitz is Dermot Brereton’s drag name. For you people in PX Land, Dermot is an ex-Hawthorn Australian Football star who is now one of the reporters for a travel show.


  4. So what you’re saying, Therbs, is that Paul has taken a photo of a sex doll modeled on Dermott Brereton in drag? Hmmmm, Mad Mondays just keep getting madder, don’t they?


  5. Yep, Dermie the drag doll model (he misheard the bit about being a role model).


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