HEADLINE – Qaddafi Taunts NATO



TRIPOLI – Libyan state television carried brief audio tape remarks it said were by Muammar Qaddafi in which he taunted NATO.

 “What kind of a name is NATO? It sounds totally gay.  NATO is the gayest treaty organization in the world,” said the man on the audio tape, whose voice sounded like Qaddafi’s.

 “NATO?  How about GAY-TO?” he said, adding “Hey, NATO!  I has sex with your mother last night. And your sister. They were terrible. But you would know that, wouldn’t you?”

 Government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said Qaddafi was unharmed and in Tripoli, leading the country and in good spirits.

Source:   http://www.thefrontierpost.com  



9 Responses to “HEADLINE – Qaddafi Taunts NATO”

  1. Apparantly calls for his removal have been ferociously rejected by the Association of Brocade & Piping Manufacturers.


  2. Association of Brocade & Piping Manufacturers = Italy?


  3. Qaddafi also spammed a joke email which contained the map of France photoshopped onto the body of a naked fat lady with the caption,
    “Ha ha ha France! Roll yourself in flour so England knows where to stick it. Ha ha ha you fat French pigs!”


  4. And in other news there was a minor gathering of burgerers last night in Sydee. Very pleasant it was. Chaz enjoyed dry cider, Bedes downed pints of Coopers Pale Ale while I swam in a vat of James Squire Sundown Lager. We discussed the possibility of you visiting our big brown continent and decided that we wouldn’t hide behind the couch when you knocked on the front door. That’s because we are gentlemen.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    You better be fucking gentlemen, because it looks like my wife will be accompanying me.


  6. I hope she likes beer and swearing.


  7. paulboylan Says:

    As coincidence would have it, she does.


  8. Have you thought about putting some social bookmark links to your site?


  9. paulboylan Says:

    No, I haven’t thought about it.


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